Bye Week Madness: What to Do When Your Team Is Off

Matt Eurich@@MattEurichAnalyst IOctober 27, 2008

It's the middle of the season, and you have your normal NFL Sunday routine down.


1. Wake up early (but not too early—you can't waste a beautiful Sunday any better than sleeping in).

2. Scour the internet for information on your fantasy team. The thoughts of "Do I start him or do I sit him?" linger in your brain for a better portion of your morning.

3. Sit yourself down on the couch while flipping through ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown, FOX's NFL Sunday, and CBS's NFL on CBS (Am I the only one seeing the lack of creativity in these names?), and still debating whether or not Anquan Boldin should start this week, even after Jay Glazer and Chris Mortenson say he will. (I'm still kicking myself over that one.)

4. You lock yourself into the zone, you have your team on the TV, the cell phone is on silent, and the TV is loud.  There is nothing left to do but scream at the TV and get mad at Ed Hochuli.


But here is where it gets tricky—it is your team's bye weekend.

Sometimes I think nothing strikes fear in a man more than hearing his team is on a bye.  It can leave you wondering, "Where do I go from here?"  But here are a few things to do that will make you appreciate your team and appreciate your NFL Sunday.


1. There are other NFL games on. (Funny, isn't it?) That is what all those other shows are talking about.  So lock in, sit down, and prepare to be entertained by the Jets vs. Chiefs.

2. With your team on a bye, it gives you an opportunity to follow your fantasy guys even more.  I never thought I would be hanging on the edge of my seat hoping Brandon Jacobs would score a touchdown, but there I was.

3. Check out the other programming on a Sunday morning.  There are a lot of Nash Bridges episodes and bowling is on, too.  It makes you appreciate that your team goes out there for three hours and keeps you away from that mess.

4. Look out the window.  Seems like a nice day, right?  There are probably some leaves that need to be raked or a car that needs to be washed. But remember, there is football on, and you don't need to do any of that.


So when your team goes on its bye week, don't fret.  Realize that it is a time to sit back and reflect on all that they do for you. Sure, they may make you mad, but it's always better than Nash Bridges reruns.