The Rumor Mill: Addressing The Speculation About Who Is Ring of Honor New Booker

Tim ListAnalyst IOctober 27, 2008

There is wild speculation running throughout the pro wrestling industry this morning as to who will replace Gabe Sapolsky as the new booker for the Ring of Honor promotion.

It's almost ironic that it seems more people care about who replaces Sapolsky than care why Sapolsky was unceremoniously dumped by ROH owner Cary Silken after a live ROH event in New Jersey on Saturday night.

So, let's examine the rumors as to the person that will now guide the ROH product.

First on the list is Paul Heyman, arguably the best booker in history, and certainly the most influential booker of the past generation. Heyman was Sapolsky's mentor, as Gabe ran the Philadelphia ticket office for the Original ECW.

Heyman's falling out with Vince and Stephanie McMahon in December 2006 marked his exit from the professional wrestling industry, and he has been filming his "Heyman Hustle" broadband television show for NewsCorp's SUN-TV in the UK.

Sorry folks, Heyman's not going to return to wrestling to become the ROH booker. I doubt Cary Silken could afford Heyman, and I keep hearing from those who know that Heyman has no interest in returning to professional wrestling. While many compare ECW and ROH, that's not a fair comparison.

ECW became a strong third promotion, which made it to live pay per view in an era where no newcomers were allowed, and broke through to national television, during the most hyper-competitive era in the industry, the Monday Night Wars. And ECW made stars.

Sapolsky's biggest shortcoming? ROH never really created a big star. CM Punk and Samoa Joe gained notoriety in ROH, but does anyone outside of the ROH fan base really know who The Briscoes are, or who Larry Sweeny is, or any of the ROH regulars?

Second name is the Anti-Heyman, Vince Russo. The man who pretty much destroyed WCW with one bad booking idea after another is repeating a lot of his same disastrous booking concepts in TNA.  Can Cary be this stupid?

I've heard a lot about Cary Silken, but never heard he's a moron. You'd have to be that, and a whole lot more, to hire Vince Russo. Pray this isn't the case.

Final rumor is Luke Williams of The Bushwackers. He's been a guest at a lot of ROH events. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reports Luke (of "Luke and Butch") has been in Silken's ear as of late. Is Luke Williams the replacement for Sapolsky?

It appears as though sometime today or tomorrow, we'll find out where ROH is headed when we find out who the new booker for the niche promotion is.