WWE Capitol Punishment 2011: The Future of WWE Is on This Pay-Per-View

LewisAnalyst IIIJune 16, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment 2011: The Future of WWE Is on This Pay-Per-View

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    WWE Capitol Punishment - a new WWE pay-per-view.

    or you can view it like I do:

    WWE Capitol Punishment - The new wave of WWE Superstars are coming, the future is here!

    There are a few names that come to mind who are the future of the WWE but are not on the card as of 16 June 2011.

    However, I feel the majority of the future of WWE is here, and I'm going to prove it. So sit back and view the slideshow.

Alex Riley

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    Expect Alex Riley to have a great showing at this pay-per-view and perhaps a cunning victory.

    Alex Riley is someone I quite like during his promos and from what little I remember from his NXT days, his skill in the ring was up to WWE standards.

    Even though Kaval/Low Ki won WWE NXT season two, we all knew Alex Riley was the person who was to be the 'next WWE Breakout Star.' Unlike Kaval, Riley has the 'WWE Look,' the mic skills and a proper mentor (Kaval had LayCool).

    Alex Riley, like him or hate him, is the future of WWE and is just one of the stars on this pay-per-view who I feel qualify for as a 'future main star.'


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    R-Truth is 39 years old, however he still looks in great ring shape, and I personally haven't heard any injury issues. So why not a late push for The Truth?

    We all know The WWE have been looking for their next black main event star, and we all felt Kofi Kingston was to be the person but sadly the 'career killer' Randy Orton is rumored to have halted the rise of Kofi.

    So, Is R-Truth the Star the WWE have been looking for?

    Well, I think so, and If he has a decent showing against 'Mr WWE' John Cena, it shows the WWE have got some brighter moments planned for him.

Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio has been rumored to have supposedly win the World Title on three separate occasions. The last plan for him to become World Champion was him defeating Edge at WWE Extreme Rules 2011, but sadly Edge retired shortly after their match at WWE Wrestlemania 27.

    So what If Alberto Del Rio is stuck in a lackluster feud with the Big Show? I don't like it but I think we all know Alberto will win the WWE Championship before this year is over.

    I'm so glad the WWE bought in Del Rio; he gives WWE a little excitement with his great matches and entrances. 

Ezekiel Jackson

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    I really felt Wade Barrett was breaking the usual form of WWE big guy,s as he could actually put on entertaining matches, but WWE screwed up Barrett, and his match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27 never happened and eventually left Barrett hanging with a lackluster reign as WWE Intercontinental Champion.

    I would say Wade Barrett is the future of WWE, but I think we all know WWE wants Jackson as a top guy sooner than Wade Barrett.


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    Is it only me hoping Christian reverts back to the 2005 era of (heel) Captain Charisma?

    I loved that era of Christian's career, and I would love to see it back, however I'm content with Christian being a main event guy.

    Christian is no doubt the number one heel on the Smackdown brand and most likely second top guy overall, and although being an older wrestler, he still seems to have a major few years left in him. Hhopefully Christian can prove once and for all he is the future of WWE at WWE Capitol Punishment.

Honorable Mentions

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    Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler are two wrestlers that baffle me; one moment they on the cusp of main eventing, and then WWE drops them back down into the mid-card scene. So to call those two the future of WWE is hard to say, especially when you see what they doing at Capitol Punishment.

    Jack Swagger is in the same boat as Kofi and Dolph.

    Cody Rhodes can hopefully get a tag team match with Ted against Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan.

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    I truly feel Eve gets too much negativity towards her.


    If you feel that someone on The Capitol Punishment Card is also a future WWE main eventer, leave a comment or perhaps you disagree with a choice of mine, either way we can discuss it down below.

    Thanks for reading and If you enjoyed it and me as a fan to look forward to more of my articles!