Best in the NBA: Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

Corey TackmannCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2008

Let's get this started off right. Here are the career stats (those I deem important) for both Kobe and LeBron:


FG%- 45.2

3 Pt.%- 33.8

FT%- 83.9

Reb/game- 5.2

Ast- 4.6   



FG%- 46.5

3 Pt.%- 32.3

FT%- 72.9

Reb/game- 6.8

Ast- 6.5

PPG- 27.0

Judging strictly by the numbers, LeBron has the slight edge. However, like with any athlete, it's important to look at the intangibles: leadership, good/bad teammate, clutch, "it" factor.

Let's start with leadership. I give a slight edge to LeBron here. He seems to be more vocal in the huddle and shows the qualities that a leader has.

The best teammate also goes to LeBron. I think Kobe has greatly improved in this category, but LeBron takes it.

Clutch goes to Kobe, duh. No one in the game is more clutch, Robert Horry excluded.

"It" factor is a tie. They both demand the ball, and they both have an incredible desire to win. They both have "it", whatever "it" is.

So I guess the question is, do you want a player who is going to lead you to a lot of blow out victories and a lot of close losses (LeBron), or do you want a player who is going to give you a shot to win those close games (Kobe)? I don't think you can go wrong, but if I was forced to choose ... is both an option?