Riots in Vancouver: Drunken Minority Give Canucks Fans a Black Eye

Andrew EideCorrespondent IJune 16, 2011

VANCOUVER, BC - JUNE 15:  People pose in front of a burning vehicle on June 15, 2011 in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver broke out in riots after their hockey team the Vancouver Canucks lost in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After their disappointing Game 7 loss to the Boston Bruins, some fans of the Vancouver Canucks decided to turn over cars and burn the city.

Watching the footage on TV it was obvious it was a minority of the 100,000-plus crowd that had gathered in downtown Vancouver to watch the game.

These foolish acts are idiotic and in no way represent an amazing city and a great fan base.

This isn't the first time true Canucks fans have to hide their heads in shame over the acts of supposed fans in the streets. 

After losing the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994 Vancouverites took the streets and acted the same way.

All playoffs long throngs of Vancouver fans gathered outside Rogers Arena to be part of the action.  Win or lose those crowds were peaceful.

As the Finals began the crowds swelled to over 100,000 people strong. On Wednesday, several hours before Game 7 began people were in the streets, and many of them were drinking.

The crowd was excited, jovial, friendly and very much Canadian.

When Boston ended Vancouver's dreams those fans went home.  Sadly, some drunk idiots remained and decided that mob mentality was going to rule.

Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, and unfortunately a good number of people who lack any kind of judgement.

It is an embarrassment to the city, the province, the organization and the league.

Even further, it will only fuel fire to several writers who want to paint fans of Vancouver as some sort of scourge of humanity.

The vast majority of these articles are complete trash and ripe with hyperbole.  Every fan base has people who show up on message boards and say ridiculous things. 

Painting them with a broad brush and painting an entire fan base is first-class hackery.

But now they have more ammunition.

They will ignore that the people causing trouble were the vast minority of the 100,000 people who came to root for their team.

They will label all Canucks fans as classless, band wagoners or worse.

Perhaps this comes with the territory of having a good team.  Nobody was saying these kinds of things about Vancouver fans when they weren't leading the league.

People who root for Vancouver, whether they are in the city or its surrounding environs know that there are few fan bases who support their team better and with more passion than the ones in Vancouver.

And we know that those people going crazy in the streets Wednesday night are a disgrace and are not true fans.

The true fans were the ones chanting "Go Canucks Go" at the end of Game 7; the ones who applauded the Bruins as they raised a well deserved Stanley Cup.

They are the same fans who are already looking forward to next season and can't wait to see their heroes lace em up for one more run.