WWE: Predicting the Next 10 Breakout Stars in WWE

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IJune 16, 2011

WWE: Predicting the Next 10 Breakout Stars in WWE

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    We are almost through five season of NXT, who markets themselves as finding the WWE's next breakout star. In that time, WWE has been given a failing faction, two Divas booked pretty weak and three of the show's rookies have been released, with more likely on the way.

    Needless to say, NXT has not done much to pump up the credentials of many of its rookies.

    Many of the real breakout stars are brought up randomly and given time to build up in developmental leagues. A lot of the future of WWE lies in FCW or has been called up recently.

    Here are 10 names to watch for in the coming years. These 10 are being listed in ranking of how I think they will chronologically become breakout stars.

1) Mason Ryan

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    Mason Ryan could be ready tomorrow if WWE decides to break up Nexus. For a good period, it seemed like Ryan was being built into the powerhouse to fill the void left by Batista.

    Ryan is only 29 and, at 6'6" and almost 300 pounds, he is the kind of guy that Vince McMahon thinks about when he is sleeping. Not only that, but Ryan is also from Wales and brings an international appeal.

    If you look really close, you can see dollar signs all over this guy.

    Can he talk? Not really, but that can be solved with a mouthpiece to do his talking. It also hasn't stopped other guys from making that next step to prominence. Long story short, when WWE needs another guy to elevate in a Sheamus-esque way, Mason Ryan is it.

2) Alex Riley

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    I love watching Alex Riley operate. He has some of the best mic skills of anyone I have seen on any NXT season and would have won his season if not for the popularity of Kaval or the legacy of Michael McGillicutty.

    If WWE is smart, Riley's match at Capitol Punishment this Sunday will be his unofficial arrival. With a good match with The Miz, Riley can easily slate himself in a mid-card title hunt, even if he has to wait before he can finally get the gold.

    Riley is the future, and it becomes more and more undeniable every week.

3) Jinder Mahal

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    I have watched Jinder Mahal in FCW, and he certainly has what it takes to become a fixture on Friday nights. He is being given all the time in the world with constant appearances on Smackdown and a solid storyline with The Great Khali.

    He has only wrestled a handful of matches thus far and has been seen more in a suit than in his wrestling trunks, but Mahal is here to stay if he keeps this up.

    It has been brought up with some people that I have spoken to, but it seems to be true that Mahal is getting the momentum left over from Muhammad Hassan's sudden departure a few years ago.

4) Skip Sheffield

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    I am very excited at the prospect of Skip Sheffield returning to a WWE ring very soon, which was confirmed on his Twitter account a few days ago.

    Sheffield has not been seen since his run with the original edition of Nexus, where Sheffield was rumored to be slated for a push.

    His injuries have been a major setback for his career, but he seems to be close to finally returning. When he does, his returning storyline is all but guaranteed to involve Nexus in some way. Beyond that, the sky seems to be the limit for the Cornfed Meathead.

5) Brodus Clay

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    Clay was impressive on NXT. He was impressive alongside of Alberto Del Rio. When Del Rio was riding high on Smackdown, Brodus Clay was impressing many critics of the big man.

    However, once Del Rio left Smackdown, Brodus Clay left our television screens. When he returns, you know that Clay will continue to impress and will continue to get the chances from the creative team.

    How do we know? Clay is off television now because he is filming a movie with WWE Studios. For a young guy like him to get a role so early in his career is remarkable and proves the place that he is in the eyes of WWE.

6) Bo Rotundo

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    Bo Rotunda is the current champion in FCW. Does that mean that he will breakout when he comes up to WWE? Here is a list of former Florida Heavyweight Champions:

    Jack Swagger


    Michael McGillicutty

    Drew McIntyre

    Tyler Reks

    Heath Slater

    Justin Gabriel

    Alex Riley

    Mason Ryan

    Sure, that isn't a guarantee to be a part of the WWE roster for a while (just ask Eric Escobar), but it is a good omen. Did we not mention that he is the brother of Husky Harris? There's that too.

7) Richie Steamboat

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    The son of a Hall of Famer, Richie Steamboat will be a part of the next season of NXT if the rumors of a season with sons of former WWE superstars is true.

    Steamboat is clearly a chip off the old block if you have seen his action in FCW. Steamboat can either be the next Randy Orton or the next David Flair. Finding out which one he will become is up to him.

8) Roman Leakee

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    Have you never heard of Roman Leakee? He's just 26 years old and at 6'3" and 265 pounds, is a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

    After trying his luck with professional football, he tried professional wrestling because it is in his blood. You may know his brother, known as Rosey, who hung around Jamal (later Umaga) in 3 Minute Warning and later was a Superhero-In-Training with The Hurricane. His father was Sika, one-half of The Wild Samoans.

    This means that Leakee additionally has family ties to wrestlers such as The Usos, Rikishi, Umaga, Yokozuna and is indirectly related to The Rock. Leakee is the next great Samoan in WWE and will need a little bit more training but will be a part of the future in this company.

9) Seth Rollins

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    He may be known more for his tenure in the independents as Tyler Black, but Seth Rollins is not being punished for his indie popularity. Rollins has already been a tag-team champion in FCW, as well as winning the FCW 15 title.

    The title was won by Rollins in a tournament, and the honor means that it was won in matches that are guaranteed to last 15 minutes in ironman-style matches. Not that it was necessary for Rollins to have to go 15 minutes in matches, but it shows his ability to have long matches normally only seen in WWE on pay-per-views.

    Rollins will be up someday to WWE and when he does, can have as much success as Daniel Bryan, if not more.

10) Tito Colon

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    Tito Colon may look like he came in third place at a Bruno Mars look-alike contest, but he also comes from a great family background. His cousins are current WWE star Primo and former WWE employee Carlito.

    I have to admit that I haven't seen much from Tito, but I have heard that he is a spitting image of Primo in the ring. I would love to see Primo withstand the cuts WWE will be issuing and have Tito come up to form a new tag team and give Sin Cara another light and agile guy to work with.