WWE: My Friday Night Smackdown 6/17

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIJune 17, 2011

WWE: My Friday Night Smackdown 6/17

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    Welcome to my "Extra All-Star" show of Smackdown. If you didn't get to see my All-Star Raw you can view it here.

    Before we begin with this edition of Smackdown, I will recap last week's action.

    Randy Orton wanted to get his hands on Sheamus so he went straight to Teddy Long to set up a match. The main event was set for Orton and Christian to take on Sheamus and Cody Rhodes.

    Kane took on Tyson Kidd in the opening match. Kane dominated throughout and took care of Kidd without any hassle. Matt Striker quit his "agent" contract with Kidd as well.

    Natalya beat Tamina after A.J. and Kaitlyn distracted her.

    William Regal resurfaced backstage. It appears that he and Sheamus have some sort of developing bond between them.

    Mark Henry took on Daniel Bryan. The match was pretty good but it all fell apart at the end. Mark Henry decided to stop playing by the rules and went for a steel chair. Sin Cara then came down for the rescue but right behind him was Chavo Guerrero. Sin Cara eventually took care of Chavo, once again leaving him standing above Guerrero.

    William Regal made yet another appearance. This time he was on the phone and seemed to come to an agreement with a "lady" about something. He then met with Wade Barrett who had little time to talk with Regal.

    Wade Barrett faced off against Ezekiel Jackson and, if Jackson wins, then he gets a shot at Barrett's Intercontinental Championship at Capitol Punishment.

    The match was very hard hitting and rightfully so with these two heavyweights in the ring. Barrett eventually had enough and hit Jackson with a chair, thus making Jackson the winner. Barrett tells Jackson he will see him at the PPV and walks off.

    In the main event, Randy Orton and Christian took on Sheamus and Cody Rhodes. The match featured good, hard fought action. After Christian and Orton tried outdoing the other one, Orton went to tag in Christian. Christian ignored the tag and let Orton get Brogue Kicked by Sheamus.

    Sheamus went for the pin but Christian broke it up. He then hit Orton with the Killswitch and walks off, vowing that he will be the new World Heavyweight Champion after Capitol Punishment.

    Now let's get on to the show.

Opening Segment

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    We are welcomed to Smackdown by Booker T and Josh Matthews.

    They are talking about the All-Star Raw when Sheamus comes down to the ring.

    Sheamus grabs a mic and says that Randy Orton has suffered a concussion and will not be able to compete tonight. Sheamus then says that he and Orton were scheduled to have a match tonight. If Sheamus won the match then he would be put in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Capitol Punishment.

    Sheamus says that since Orton is "injured" he should get in the match via forfeit. Just as he says this Teddy Long comes out and makes his way to the ring.

    He tells Sheamus that he will not be handed anything on his show. Sheamus will still have to earn his placement into the World Heavyweight Championship match at Capitol Punishment

    Sheamus is irate with Long but Teddy doesn't care. He tells Sheamus that since tonight is "Extra All-Star" night, Sheamus will take on a superstar from Raw. If Sheamus wins then he gets his match at Capitol Punishment.

    Sheamus wants to know who he is facing but Long will not tell him just yet.

    We head to a quick commercial.

Match 1: Extra All-Star Tag Team Match

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    The following "Extra All-Star" match features superstars from Raw and Smackdown.

    Ted DiBiase is out first, he is followed by Zack Ryder.

    Chris Masters and Alex Riley then make their way to the ring and the match is set to begin.

    Ryder and Riley start off the match. Riley goes for a headlock but Ryder throws him off and does his trade mark "Woo Woo Woo" taunt. Riley comes back at him with a big slap and throws him in a headlock. Riley then takes him to the ground with the headlock.

    Ryder fights out of it and goes off the ropes hitting a shoulder block on Riley. Riley is knocked down as Ryder tags in DiBiase. Ted comes in and picks up RIley. He hits an uppercut with his shoulder and then goes for a DDT. Riley counters this into a neckbreaker and tags in Masters.

    Masters comes in and hits a belly to back suplex on DiBiase. He then lifts him up yet again and hits a delayed German Suplex. He goes for the pin and gets a two count. He is setting up for the Master Lock when Ryder comes running in to stop him.

    Ryder and Masters trade blows and the referee is distracted. He does not see The Miz run out from the crowd and hit Riley. Miz continues to beat up Riley and then runs off. The referee regains control and gets Ryder out of the ring. Just as Masters regains his composure, Ted DiBiase puts him in the Dream Street and hits it for the victory.

Match 2: Extra All-Star Match

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    The following is an Extra All-Star match. The match will feature two number one contenders from Raw and Smackdown.

    Wade Barrett is out first, he will be on commentary. He sits down and says that this is the last time he will use the Corre theme. He says that he has decided to quit the group and does not care what Gabriel and Slater do.

    Ezekiel Jackson makes his way down to the ring with a good fan reaction.

    Drew McIntyre then makes his entrance, he gets good heat in his Smackdown return.

    Barrett says that he is not worried about Jackson this Sunday, he says McIntyre should have no problem winning this match.

    The match begins with McIntyre charging Jackson. He runs right into a shoulder block and gets taken down. Jackson picks him up and throws him into the turnbuckle. He then calls for his turnbuckle closeline and hits the move. Jackson then turns his attention to Barrett.

    He tells Barrett that he is going down on Sunday and the two trade insults. McIntyre crawls up behind Jackson and rolls him up, getting a two count.

    McIntyre then starts stomping on Jackson and gets some offense going. He hits a DDT and then a swinging neckbreaker. He goes for the pin but Jackson throws him off after a two count. He goes to the ropes but Jackson follows and throws him to the outside. McIntyre is thrown right towards Barrett and the two lock eyes for a moment.

    McIntyre gets back in the ring only to be met with Jackson's closeline. Again Jackson turns his attention to Barrett. He says that he wants his title and that he will get it come Sunday. McIntyre is groggy but has enough composure to grab the referee and throw him in harms way of Jackson's big closeline. The referee is down and Jackson goes to see if he is okay.

    Barrett then storms the ring and blasts Jackson over the head with the Intercontinental Championship. He says that if he wants it so bad he can have it and he hits him over and over. McIntyre and Barrett beat on Jackson until Barrett hits a Wasteland and runs off. The referee recovers just in time to see McIntyre hitting the future shock. He gets the win and slithers out of the ring.


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    We go backstage where William Regal was watching the events unfold. He says that his plan might come together after all and turns to Sheamus who is worried about his match later this evening. He tells Sheamus not to worry and that he will win the match. Regal tells him that he will go to ring side with him and make sure of it.

    We head to commercial.

Match 3: Extra All-Stars, CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

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    C.M. Punk makes his way to the ring. He receives good heat as he waits for his opponent.

    Daniel Bryan then makes his way to the ring and the match begins.

    The two Superstars lock up and each one goes for a move but the other one has a counter for it. The two show how evenly matched they are and continue fighting.

    Bryan locks Punk in an armbar but he fights out of it. Bryan then lands a series of kicks to the chest of Punk. Bryan finishes off the series with a spinning kick to Punks head. He covers him and receives a close two count.

    Bryan then goes to the top rope.He appears to be going for some sort of dropkick but Punk jumps up onto the rope and stuns Bryan. Punk then hits a superplex and pins Bryan, receiving a close two count.

    Punk then locks in a camel clutch on Bryan. Bryan fights out of this move and runs towards the ropes. Both men go for and hit a closeline and are both knocked down. The referee begins his ten count.

    The referee gets up to five before anyone starts to move. When he reaches nine Bryan is on his feet and Punk is up right after. Bryan goes for a dropkick but Punk slaps him away and hits a huge roundhouse kick. He goes for the pin and gets the win.

Match 4: Kane vs. Cody Rhodes

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    Before the match begins we head backstage where Teddy Long is talking to Christian. He tells him that since he can't find any raw superstar willing to take on Sheamus, he must take him on. Christian says that he has no reason to compete tonight. Why risk becoming injured? He walks out of the office leaving Teddy without any competitor for Sheamus.

    Kane's pyro hits an he makes his way to the ring.

    Cody Rhodes is out next with the baggers following him.

    The match begins with Kane hitting a big uppercut on Rhodes. Rhodes rolls out of the ring grabbing his face and then storms back in the ring. He walks right into a big boot from Kane. Kane has all the momentum as we head to commercial.

    Back from commercial we see Kane locking in a Bear Hug on Cody. Cody fights out of it and then takes out Kane's knee. Rhodes then locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab on the injured leg. Kane manages to crawl towards the ropes and forces Cody to break the hold.

    Cody breaks it at four and a half. The referee yells at him but he only pushes him away. Cody continues the assault on Kane by locking in a figure four leg lock.  Kane is in pain as he again crawls to the ropes. Cody breaks the hold at the same spot as before. Kane stumbles to his feet and Cody charges him but Kane gives him an uppercut.

    Kane still has some fight left in him. Kane hits another uppercut and then a big right hand. Rhodes is starting to fade out when Kane grabs him for the chokeslam. Kane lifts him up but his knee gives way. Cody takes advantage of this and hits the Cross Rhodes for the win.


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    Teddy Long still has no one to fight Sheamus. He has asked just about every star backstage and everyone has said no. Long is making his way out to the ring to announce the main event.

Main Event

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    Teddy Long makes his way to the ring he grabs a mic and sounds somber. He says that he has not found an opponent for Sheamus just yet. He announces Sheamus and he comes to the ring.

    He then says that if there is any superstar backstage that wishes to compete against Sheamus please com out now. After about 30 seconds no one comes out. Teddy Long tells Sheamus that he will not give him a match at Capitiol Punishment.

    He must earn his match and since he has not competed he can not be in the match. Sheamus is irate and grabs the mic he tells anyone to come out to the ring.

    Teddy Long is ready to leave when William Regal's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He tells Teddy that he will do the fighting. Teddy knows that something is up between the two but he has no choice but to accept.

    Teddy leaves the ring and the match is under way. As soon as the match starts regal lays down in the middle of the ring. Sheamus grins and pins him for the three count. The fans go mad but, as Teddy promised, Sheamus is now in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Capitiol Punishment.

    Christian comes out and has a stare down with Sheamus. The two stare each other down until Randy Orton makes his way out from one of the luxury boxes in the upper deck. All three men stare each other down as we close the show.


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    This concludes My Friday Night Smackdown.

    Here is a look at My Capitol Punishment card:

    WWE Championship: John Cena (C) vs. Alberto Del Rio- 30min Ironman Match

    World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (if he can compete) (C) vs. Christian vs. Sheamus

    United States Championship: Kofi Kingston (C) vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler- Triple Threat Match

    Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett (C) vs. Ezekiel Jackson

    Divas Championship: Brie Bella (C) vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella vs. Beth Phoenix- Fatal 4-Way

    R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio :Two-out-of-three falls

    The Miz vs. Alex Riley: Loser leaves Raw

    Chavo Guerrero and Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan: Tag Team match

    Thanks for reading.

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    Next week is Viewers Choice Raw so leave any matches that you would like me to make on My Monday Night Raw in the comment section.