WWE Capitol Punishment: What Will Not Happen and Stars We Won't See

Josh BarnettCorrespondent IJune 15, 2011

WWE capitol punishment
WWE capitol punishment

By the time WWE Capitol Punishment is done in Washington, D.C., WWE will make very clear who the stars of the very soon coming future will be. And who is due for the main event push and how soon. 

I will not be discussing matches on the Capital punishment card, just the IWC rumors that simply have no chance to go down. 

I want to discuss a couple things. WWE Capitol Punishment will not feature two people. President Obama or Batista. Especially Batista, there is no news of him being in WWE again and he seems committed at this point to be in MMA (recently opening a gym with the Gracie Family).

It would be the best thing for him. Smackdown ratings would skyrocket if they were able to feature another feud between Batista and Randy Orton. Plus what I like is that he would be able to be the babyface and it would allow an Orton heel turn and also Christian to turn back face before his peeps hate him beyond repair.

Randy is still adjusting to the babyface role in recent weeks but you can tell he is not used to being cheered when his "Voices" music is played. He prefers and works better in the heel role.

Christian for me knows how to do heel from TNA work, but he far prefers the babyface. His one promo he got to do as World Champion on Smackdown before surrendering title to Orton was awesome. 

President Obama had better not show up, I have enjoyed the promos and having him do his press conferences about the PPV WWE has made, however he has bigger things to worry about.

I have no problem with WWE making fun of him, but my dad who does not enjoy them as much is right in saying President makes fun of himself; he doesn't need WWE's help.