Patrick Cote: Something Lost, Something Gained

Derek BedellAnalyst IOctober 26, 2008

Although UFC 90 ended in unsuspecting faction, Patrick Cote should not hold his head. The "Predator" was able to accomplish what no man has done in the UFC; Take Anderson Silva past the second round. 

He ate a few clean shots; A knee, kick, and a straight left, only to smile and continue forward.  Unlike James Irvin, Rich Franklin, Nate Marquardt, and Chris Leben, Cote never looked hurt and was not finished by the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

Cote was not winning the fight going into the third round, but he was by no means getting dominated or out of the fight.  His heart and will stood tall and Anderson looked a little weary to get in there and really exchange with the former Canadian Army boxer. 

We all know Silva is better in every area. Cote's only chance was probably a left or right hand that would rock the champion creating an opening for an upset.

I, personally, am a huge fan of Anderson Silva and Patrick Cote so the end helped me a  bit because neither fighter really lost. However, I have yet to see someone not be phased by the "Spider" what-so-ever before and during the fight.

Henderson came close but nowhere near Cote. He truly believed he was going to win and he showed it. 

Cote was known to have heavy hands and a great future when he joined the UFC in 2004, filling in for Guy Mezger, against Tito Ortiz.  Like Dana White said, "He dropped Tito when Tito was Tito." Cote ended up losing a decision.

It took Patrick a while to reach his destiny after losses to Joe Doerksen, Chirs Leben, and Travis Lutter.  A new training regiment and dedication to the sport, similar to Leben's turnaround, has sharpened the skills and success of Cote. The result was five straight victories for the "Predator."  He is now living up to his nickname.

Although he lost to Anderson Silva, that does not take away from what he has accomplished and will continue to do so once healed up from his knee injury.  He wasn't knocked out, he wasn't submitted, and he wasn't rocked in the fight.  It was a simple unfortunate incident. But the fact remains, the man stood in there with the best in the world and held his own.

A fighter's journey is unlike any other sport preparation. Your body is beat up and you're never 100 percent.  These things can happen and should never be looked at poorly on the fighter.  The person most disappointed in the result was not Dana White, the fans, or Anderson Silva, it was Patrick Cote.

You could see the pain in his eyes that he couldn't finish the fight.  It was years of dedication for this one opportunity, only to fade away by a simple step.  However, Cote will come back dedicated and hungry for redemption.  Patrick is very strong minded and this is his life.  He is not done by a long shot, believe me.  Those who speak otherwise have never stepped in there or have any clue what it's like.

Imagine working your entire life for something and you get there.  You get to the door, you have the key, it's right there in front of you and you put the key in, turn it, anticipate your greatest accomplishment and then...the key breaks and the door remains locked.  It's one of life's big letdowns.  What measures you is how you respond.

The question will remain, will he get an eventual rematch with Anderson Silva?  Maybe not based on the fact that Anderson wants to retire by the time he turns 35.  He has five more fights on his UFC contract so Cote may not fit into what's left for the "Spider." 

It will most likely take Patrick up to a year before he's back in the Octagon.  However, being the man that Anderson Silva is, he may just want to end his career against Cote or decide to finish what they started...a true champion.

Cote has nothing left to do but heal up and get back in the Octagon.  He need not hang his head in shame.  He put on a show and was competitive unlike anyone else in the UFC.  I'm sure Rich Franklin would've loved to do that just once in his two fights against Silva.  At least we know Cote doesn't have to leave the division like Franklin had to. 

Patrick simply has to take his time and when he's ready come back.  Which is something he has done since day one.  He showed heart, dedication, and ultimate respect in his fight against Anderson Silva. 

Even though he lost, he's gained a lot.  Don't count him out just yet, there will be a lot more to come for Patrick Cote.  He's prooven he has a champions heart, regardless if he actually has a belt.