Brian IgnacioContributor IOctober 26, 2008

   Well I must say that this Years Cyber Sunday was pretty good, and most of my predictions did happen, and some that I did made, i'm glad didn't happen, like Mark Henry ruining a good match between Evan Bourne and Matt Hardy. We saw, which i'm hoping, the last of this feud between Rey Mysterio and Kane in what the WWE universe has chosen, a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH . Rey Mysterio defeated The Big Red Machine in an okay match. There really wasn't anything special in this match just your typical No Holds Barred with the occasional chair shots. Then we saw Evan Bourne ( whom the fans voted for ) face Matt Hardy for the ECW title. This match was pretty good, with lots of high spots and near falls. I knew that Evan Bourne wasn't going to win the title, but I was rooting him on the whole match. Luckily Mark Henry didn't make a run in, or I would have gotten pissed. The next match was the "Choose the tag team match" , and lucky for me, I predicted this match correctly. Seeing that there are plenty of CM Punk fans, I was most certain that the WWE UNIVERSE would choose that match, but now i'm hoping they did, because the Cryme Tyme match wasn't all that I was hoping for. There were too many ganging up during the whole match which was getting too boring for me, and when you thought you had a hot tag, The Miz and Morrison would gang up on the other person as well. The Miz and Morrison win again. The next match was for the intercontinental title. I didn't want to see this match happen too early, but they did. It was the Honky Tonk Man going up against The Champion of Earth, Santino Marella. I must say that Honky Tonk Man looks pretty good, he might have gained a few pounds but looks the same as before, unlike Rodney D' Piper who has gained most of his pounds in his stomach. Well i'm glad the match ended the way it did, because atleast it could leave the doors open for Honky Tonk Man returning to face Santino when he does reach that Milestone. Next we had The Undertaker take on The Big Show in a Last Man Standing match. This match was pretty good in my opinion, one of the better matches i've seen the Big Show in, a few good spots here and there. Luckily Chavo nor Vicky interrupt this match. The ending saw Taker apply the gogoplata on The Big Show which caused him to be unconscious which led to Takers victory. Then we had the Divas costume context. There were quite a few sexy costumes, and alot of non sexy ones as well. My favorite was Maryse's. Too bad she didn't win, Micky James won with her Tomb Raider outfit. Then all the divas started brawling with the Face''s standing tall in the ring. Then we had the WWE Title match, and to no surprise, the WWE UNIVERSE chose Jeff Hardy ( again ) to face HHH. You can tell how much the fans hate Kozlov with the amount of votes he got compared to Jeff Hardy. Don't worry Kozlov, you will get your time, and that time will be at Survivor Series. Well the match was pretty good, and exciting. I don't know if it was better than their last match, but it was up there to say the least. Alot of near falls throughout. The ending saw HHH grab Hardy while he was on the top rope and hooked him up for the pedigree. I thought he was going to do it from the top rope but he didn't. HHH got the clean victory. The last match of the night was for the World heavyweight title, and the fans got to choose the ref. Stone Cold was chosen for the ref for this match, with a huge margin! The match was good, I liked it. It started off slow, but picked up towards the end. With all the potential refs making their presence known. Stone Cold even stunner'd Randy Orton which was cool, the ending saw Batista giving Y2J the Batista Bomb for the victory and the new champion. I was shocked to see that Y2J surrendered the title this early. Maybe he has a much better storyline in store with Mike Adamle, who knows we will just have to see these coming weeks. Well overall I thought Cyber Sunday was good, one of the better ones this year, either that or I am just easily pleased! Well hopefully this years survivor series is a traditional one with teams, with their cheesy team names! Peace!