5 Things the WWE Should Bring Back

Zach McCombsCorrespondent IJune 16, 2011

5 Things the WWE Should Bring Back

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    Hey Bleachers, I haven't written anything for a while and I thought that I would do a slideshow on things we all loved in the WWE that we would love to see return.

    There are several things in WWE that we all love. In fact, there are so many things that I came up with my top five things I wish that the WWE would bring back.

5. Chair Shots to the Head, on Occasion

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    For some reason chair shots helped tell a story in a feud or made an attack look much more brutal. A chair shot was a classic idea, but if it means the wrestlers are injured or hurt down the road then we shouldn't bring them back. 

    As enjoyable as a chair shot could be for some reason, in the long run a wrestlers shouldn't be getting hurt.

    When i first put this up i don't feel i fully explained myself with this slide, obviously from the comments. To summarize this, i enjoyed seeing the one at this year's wrestlemania, but if they were to be brought back it should be on occasion, and only a way to settle a score of some sort. They shouldn't be an every week thing so the stars would result from the injuries down the line.

4. Better Writing and the Ability to Create New Main Event Talent

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    When I first posted this article it was about the 24/7 rule for the hardcore title, but after consideration i figured i wouldn't want two slides that involve bringing back titles, and the other one is more relevant and always attracted more people.

    So this is actually pretty simple, WWE needs some better writers that can get more stars over and get the crowds into more feuds, there are hardly any feuds that aren't for the world title anymore that standout. (minus The Undertaker feuds)

    However there are some feuds that are not for the world title so that isn't the only problem, the big one is reception. People want to see something good that shocks us, or helps the company and not the same thing over and over again. We need to see if WWE can create better talent without relying on the same big draws over and over, while they may be big draws for the business, they need other stars that can be just as big in certain situations.

    Last year we lost two big top dogs: Batista and Chris Jericho, we are about to lose Punk and Undertaker cannot go anymore like he used to, Triple H is trying to do his job backstage. That leaves John Cena and Randy Orton as the two big top dogs. The others are The Miz, Christian, John Morrison (when he returns) R-truth, Alex Riley, and Cody Rhodes. All these guys and more need a better run, Miz needs a second one so he doesn't look like a fluke, and others need to be able to passed the torch and run with it.

    From what i've read online John Cena might not be 100% for his bout at Wrestlemania 28 with The Rock, and Orton is going through a concussion. If either of these guys get injured the WWE could be in a LOT of trouble. They should be able to make newer talent hold the title it just gives people more options to go about getting people interested with their product.

3. Unified Brands That Competed for One Championship, and a Better Mid-Card

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    Before the first ever draft in 2002 after the invasion storyline, there was only one major world championship that superstars could try to win. When the draft first occurred, they created the undisputed title which meant that the champion would wrestle on both shows.

    Now lets back up before the draft, every wrestler could wrestle on both shows.

    This was a good idea then and I believe it could work now. The only problem is a superstars schedule. If management decided to do this I believe it would work like this. For example, John Cena, one week he could appear on television on RAW, the next week he could show up on SmackDown!

    The WWE already does this for the most part, stars appear on both shows all the time, remember Del Rio he was on RAW each week even though he was a SmackDown star after he won the Rumble.

    If booked right this would work and we would have our No. 1 superstar in the company like before, instead of two top stars.

    There is only one problem with this, some stars will not get a chance to shine in the main event, the answer to this is simple, make the other titles WORTH something! The U.S. and Intercontinental titles should actually be given value. These two titles should be belts that the mid card should want to compete for. Along with those titles being relevant again the WWE should rebuild their tag team division.

    If the WWE did this stars could still be over with the crowd still means something, other than the opening promo and the main event that involve the same stars that are in the main event.

2. Managers

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    From Jimmy Hart to Mr. Fuji, or Paul Bearer to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, there were always great managers over the years. These type people really added something to the match, even though they weren't wrestlers, they always added something special to a match. Whether it was through cheating tactics or keeping people out of the ring, managers always had something special about them.

    This is something WWE somewhat still has, but it needs to improve. Tyson Kidd has had a different manager each episode of superstars. The only other star that has a manager is Dolph Ziggler and that is only until he gets better mic skills.

    The WWE should hire more managers to help people with their presence like Ziggler, they have all kinds of people they could use such as Scott Stanford if Zack Ryder actually gets a push.  It's not like this is to much to ask, with the divas division having nothing going on with the departure of Kharma, they could easily make some of the divas valets, which wouldn't be a bad thing.

1. The Crusierweight Divison

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    How many people are happy that Hornswaggle is the very last Crusierweight Champion in WWE history?

    Something tells me not very many people are to pleased about that. I remember when SmackDown! was home to crusierweights and there was two or three matches involving smaller guys each show. There are so many smaller guys on the roster that they could easily make a brand for people under 220 lbs. which wouldn't be very hard. It's very easy to bring back the title so that the smaller guys can still get over with the crowd, but also be involved with the low and mid-cards.

    For some reason Vince daydreams about big muscular men that have no talent, yet half his roster is under 230 lbs.

    WWE should really consider bringing back a division for the smaller guys so that some people can still get in the WWE without having to be big like Mason Ryan, for example.

    Plus with WWE signing people like Sin Cara, and possibly other luchadors, they need to be able to give these guys a chance to shine, while still being able to do things there way and put on great matches that put fans in the seats.

    The revival of this division could easily be over with older fans, and newer and younger fans will get to see a whole new style to wrestling, it would easily get over with the crowd. Plus, it is easily marketable and making money is what the business wants.

    This style of wrestling always worked and other countries love it, Mexico and Japan are based on the high flying style and they love to see it, it would gain more viewers from their countries.

    This style is very unique and a return of this division would be great for several stars and the fans would love to see high fliers in action.