5 Reasons American Fans Should Stop Hating Michael Bisping

Vince Carey@@vcareymmaContributor IJune 15, 2011

5 Reasons American Fans Should Stop Hating Michael Bisping

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    Michael Bisping might be the most hated fighter in MMA.

    From his trash talk on The Ultimate Fighter, (pick your season) to his questionable decision win against Matt Hamill in England, or his despicable behavior after his fight with Jorge Rivera at UFC 127, it’s easy to find a reason to hate "The Count."

    The problem is, none of these things are his fault.

    Here are five reasons why we should not only stop hating Bisping, but we should also cheer for him.

He Doesn't Hate America

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    It seems like a stupid thing to say, but there are fans out there that really seem to think that Bisping hates America.

    The truth is that not only does he like the U.S. and praise its fans, but he’ll also be moving to California later this year.

    He also has made it known that this upcoming season of TUF is going to be Team Bisping vs Team Mayhem and not another USA vs UK thing.

    Sorry haters, this rumor has been debunked. 

Spike TV Made Him the Bad Guy

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    In a recent interview with Heavy MMA, Bisping said the one thing he was working on changing during his second run as a coach on TUF was to not say things that Spike TV producers can use to make him the bad guy.

    Bisping was the obvious choice to play the villain to against Dan Henderson his last time on the show, and will probably draw that card again.

    The lesson is, don’t believe everything you see on TV.

He Didn't Beat Matt Hamill, but the Judges Did

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    Bisping’s fight against Matt Hamill is consistently mentioned among the worst decisions in MMA history, and has frequently been accused of being a fixed fight because it was in England.

    While Bisping clearly lost the fight, he obviously didn’t have anything to do with the judging.

    He won the fight via split decision and the two judges who scored it his way were American.

    The lone English judge scored the fight for Hamill. 

He Truly Believed That Jorge Rivera Had Insulted His Family

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    The build-up to Bisping’s UFC 127 fight with Jorge Rivera went from childish to dangerous when Rivera made an off hand comment that Bisping felt was aimed at his girlfriend.

    "The Count" was livid after the remarks, talking trash to Rivera during the pre-fight press conference and the weigh-ins.

    After a TKO victory that was already considered controversial due to Bisping landing an illegal knee in the first round, Bisping snapped after the fight, screaming at Rivera to apologize and spitting in the direction of his corner.

    Bisping has since came out and apologized for his behavior.

    However harmless the remarks may have seemed, and whether Rivera realized what he was saying at the time doesn’t matter. Bisping felt his family was being insulted and acted accordingly.

Dan Henderson Punished Him Enough

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    This might be the best reason on the whole damn list.

    After all the trash talk on TUF season 9, Henderson needed just one right hand to end Bisping’s night.

    Like I said, Henderson only needed one right hand, but he decided to throw in a forearm afterwards to “shut him up”. 

    Not only was this the worse loss of his career, but the picture of him being knocked out also became a Photoshop favorite and there are dozens of humiliating pictures of Bisping floating around the Internet.