And the BCS BS Continues...

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2008

Something has to be done about the BCS, and I will continue to write about this until something is done. You can attempt to convince me why Alabama should be ranked over Penn State, but I will never understand the logic behind it.

The fact that Alabama was ranked No. 24 in in the AP Poll and not ranked in the Coaches' Poll in the preseason and Penn State was ranked 22nd in both polls should be worth something, right?

Go ahead and take shots at me for this, but how can you rank a 9-0 Penn State team behind an 8-0 Alabama team? Yes, Alabama beat Georgia, 41-30, and that game put them over the top, but Penn State beat Ohio State this weekend and had dismantled every other team it's played.

Honestly, I am the first to say the Big Ten is one of the weakest BCS conferences and, after the last two years, it should not be represented in the national championship, but I think if this Penn State team goes undefeated it deserves a shot to play in the national championship.

If you have read my other articles, you are probably tired of reading about how I think Alabama is overrated, so I will ask a few questions about this week's BCS rankings and I will see if anyone can explain my questions so I can better understand how these rankings make sense.

Why is USC ranked higher than Georgia, Florida, and Texas Tech?

Why are the following teams ranked ahead of LSU?

Boise State
Ball State

Why is West Virginia not in the top 25?

Are the following unranked teams better than the six teams I list in the previous question?

Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech
Norte Dame

The NCAA should create five conferences and format the conferences with the same format used by the SEC and Big 12, then forming a playoff system with the top two teams from each conference. The conference winners get the higher seeds. This could be known as Division 1-A, then create another division known as Division 1-B. Every two years, allow the conferences to drop teams that would go to Div. 1-B, and they can bring teams up to Div. 1-A. In theory, Div. 1-B would be like the minor leagues.

To the 'Bama fans who read this: Do not take this personal; I would love to see you guys play for a national championship, but my opinion is that if the championship was to be decided tomorrow, Texas should play Penn State instead of Alabama.