Olli Jokinen Trade Paying Off for Florida Panthers

Aaron BrenkerCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2008

It was during the 2008 NHL draft that the Florida Panthers shipped former captain Olli Jokinen to the Phoenix Coyotes. In return, the Panthers received defensemen Nick Boynton and Keith Ballard.

At the time everyone had their doubts, but it seems as of now the Panthers are getting quite a bang for their buck. Ballard and Boynton have increased the Panthers' defense and have helped add physicality and grit to a young Panthers team.

Eight games into the season both Ballard and Boynton are among the top five Panthers scorers. Ballard has tallied eight points, while Boynton has added five.

The loss of Jokinen has definitely hurt the Panthers' powerplay, but that can also be attributed to the injury of puck-moving defenseman Bryan McCabe.

Jokinen has been solid for Phoenix as well, having accumulated seven points. However, Phoenix has struggled to find more scoring and now finds themselves near the bottom of the NHL standings.

It will take many more games before we can truly find out who got the best of the trade, but at the moment it seems that the Panthers have received two solid hockey players in exchange for one.

The Panthers will take on former captain Jokinen on Nov. 8. The Panthers currently are 10th in the East, while the Coyotes find themselves 14th in the West.