Strikeforce: If Werdum Beats Overeem, Will MMA Fans Demand a Recount?

Brian Oswald@@briancoswaldMMA Editor June 15, 2011

Could Overeem find himself in a similar situation agaisnt Werdum?
Could Overeem find himself in a similar situation agaisnt Werdum?

In politics, recounts are called for if an election is especially close or if there is reason to suspect foul play.

But what about if the candidate everyone voted for somehow ended up losing?

It begs the question, if Fabricio Werdum upends Alistair Overeem this Saturday night, will the citizens of MMA take to the streets and shout "shenanigans?"

Because it seems like just about everyone is rooting for the man affectionately referred to at “horsemeat” to win this tournament and ride into the Octagon on a…well “white horse” and challenge the UFC heavyweight champ to a duel with a four-ounce glove across the face.

Werdum already broke the hearts of countless MMA fans when he swindled Fedor into leaping into the guard of a two-time ADCC world heavyweight champion and European jiu-jitsu champion. The loss by Fedor was his first in over 10 years—his only true loss at the time.

If “Vai Cavalo” were to go on to knock Overeem out of the Strikeforce HW Grand Prix it might be safe to assume he would secure his place as one of the most hated fighters amongst MMA fans.

Somehow I think Werdum would sleep just fine at night knowing he had knocked off two very different types of legendary fighters back to back.