5 NFL Players on the Trade Block Who Say They Don't Want to Be Dealt

Josh McCainSenior Writer IJune 15, 2011

5 NFL Players on the Trade Block Who Say They Don't Want to Be Dealt

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    The NFL is a business, anyone who tells you that it's just a game is kidding themselves.

    The NFL makes billions each year and the players make millions, I don't know of too many games where that kind of money changes hands on a yearly basis.

    With that said in this business known as the NFL players change teams either through free agency or through trade.

    Some times teams lose a player they'd like to keep but can't match an offer from another team when that player is a free agent.

    Some times players get dealt to a team through a trade when they were quite happy with their current location.

    Here is a list of five players who'd like to stay where they at (or at least say the do when there is a reporter around) but will most likely be dealt.

Kevin Faulk: Running Back, New England Patriots

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    The aging and recently injured running back has said he isn't going to retire and in spite of the Patriots picking up a couple of young running backs he waits to stay in New England.

    He may want to stay but we all know what Bill Belichick does with aging vets.

    Odds are if there is any takers out there Belichick will trade Faulk for whatever he can get, which probably won't be much.

Jake Delhomme: Quarterback Cleveland Browns

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    Jake Delhomme was released by the Panthers last year and was quickly signed by Mike Holmgren and the Cleveland Browns.

    All signs pointed to Delhomme not being in Cleveland next season after he was replaced as the starter by Colt McCoy, but with few takers I'm sure Delhomme would like to stay with the Browns.

Donovan McNabb: Quarterback Washington Redskins

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    Donovan McNabb's exodus from the Washington Redskins has been one of the worst kept secrets in the NFL.

    The Redskins don't want him and I'm sure he doesn't want to be a Redskin.

    However, when ever he's asked where he'll be next year he says "Redskins" with a smile.

    I know Donovan has always been one to rise above controversy but I doubt anyone would begrudge him if he said "I want the first plane ticket out of D.C."

Jeremy Shockey: Tight End, New Orlean Saits

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    New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey would probably love to stick around for a few more seasons since the Saints will probably be in the play-off and Super Bowl hunt for the next couple of years.

    However, the often troubled and often injured Shockey just doesn't seem like good value to Sean Peyton and his offense anymore.

    The Saints will probably look to deal Shockey for a late-round draft pick in 2012.

Kyle Orton: Quarterback Denver Broncos

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    Kyle Orton was benched last season because the Broncos sucked, however they didn't suck because of him.

    Orton throw for 3,653 yards, 20 touchdowns and only nine interceptions.  His QB rating was 87.5. 

    However the team was terrible there was a ton of hype behind Tim Tebow and well um, actually there was no real reason to bench Orton.

    In spite of all that the Broncos seem content to move on with Tebow and without Orton.  I'm sure Orton would like to stay in the city where he's had him best statistical seasons but that probably won't happen.

    There have been rumors of a trade between the Redskins and Broncos that would send Orton to DC and Haynesworth to Denver.

    At first I thought the Redskins trading for another veteran quarterback was a bad idea, but giving Orton's Denver stats one more look and the thought of John Beck starting has made me rethink my position on Orton in DC.