WWE Capitol Punishment: Randy Orton May Not Wrestle This Sunday

Josh McCainSenior Writer IJune 15, 2011

As first reported by ProWrestlingInsider.com, Randy Orton did, in fact, suffer a concussion over the weekend during the WWE's international tour.

According to the website, his status for Sunday's Pay-Per-View is up in the air and a "game-time decision".

What does this mean for Smackdown's main event?

Honestly, that's difficult to say.

If the concussion is minor and Orton can be back in the ring in a couple of weeks, they could just bump the match entirely off of the PPV but, given that the WWE Championship match is R-Truth vs John Cena, Orton vs Christian is actually a more anticipated match, so bumping it is liable to piss a few people off.

Christian could squash Orton.  The stipulations to the match could be changed to a non-DQ match and Christian could hit Orton (carefully of course) with something early on and get a quick victory.

I doubt this outcome only because it kind of discredits Orton as the champ.  I mean, how many times have we seen Orton or Cena get hit by a foreign object then a finisher only to kick out?  Plus, with the WWE's new concussion policy I doubt they're going to let Orton get in there and take any shots to the head.

Orton could drop the title and Christian will compete against someone else, probably Sheamus for the title.  If Orton can't go on Sunday I find this to be the most logical outcome.  In spite of his new heel status the fans want to see Christian in action.  So I highly doubt they'll bump his match.

The likely opponent, although he's a heel as well, should be Shaemus.  We'll have to wait and see though.

The WWE needs to be careful here since this isn't the US title or Intercontinental title, the heavyweight title can't be bumped from a PPV.

If Randy Orton can't go and they wish for him to be the Champ in the future, all they need to do is have him hand over the title to Christian (or vacate it) and then once he's back and ready to go, he can beat whoever has the title at either the next PPV or the first Smackdown that he's back on.

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