Ryan Newman Wins Atlanta On A Last Lap Pass

Horn FanSenior Writer IOctober 26, 2008

Ryan Newman on the final lap of the E-Z-Go 200 passing Ron Hornaday for the win at Atlanta Motor Speedway. He became the fourth driver to win in his truck series debut.

It was a great finish between Newman and Hornaday, both teammates for Kevin Harvick, Inc., which saw them swap the lead twice over the final three laps and the third 1 -2 finish for the team.

Ryan Newman on the final lap held off Hornaday by using the high-line and Hornaday's miss judging a corner on the final lap.

NASCAR canceled qualifying, so the trucks could practice instead and line up by owner points. Friday's rain around the greater Atlanta area, canceled both truck practices schedule on Friday.

NASCAR also will throw a mandatory caution flag on Lap 25.

Johnny Benson in the No. 23 Certified Used Vehicle Toyota Tundra truck starts on the pole and Ron Hornaday in the No. 33 VFW Chevrolet Silverado truck starts on the outside pole position.

Kyle Busch starts third in the No. 51 Miccosukee Resorts/NOS Energy Drink Toyota Tundra truck and Matt Crafton in the No. 88 Menard's Chevrolet Silverado truck starts fourth.

On the Lap One start, Johnny Benson took the green with Ron Hornaday right beside him, but Kyle Busch would go to the low-side and pass Benson for the lead.

Ron Hornaday would be second coming out of turn three passing Benson and cross the stripe pulling away from Benson.

On Lap Two, Matt Crafton running in fourth would pass Johnny Benson in third, going by on the high-side.

On Lap Three, Ryan Newman in the No. 2 American Commercial Lines Chevrolet Silverado truck running in fifth starts to put pressure on Johnny Benson in fourth. On the next lap, Newman would pass Benson using the high-side and takes fourth.

On Lap Five, Kyle Busch continues to lead, has about a eight truck length lead on Ron Hornaday in second.

Ryan Newman has been exciting too watch, starting tenth, now up to fourth and has been passing either high or low on the track.

On Lap Eight, Johnny Benson starts falling back losing positions, has fallen out of the top ten and running in twelfth.

On Lap Nine, three wide action with Terry Cook in the No. 59 Team ASE/Harris Trucking Toyota Tundra, Todd Bodine in the No. 30 Lumber Liquidators Toyota Tundra truck and Scott Speed in the No. 22 Red Bull Toyota Tundra truck, results in some great tight race action for fifth, sixth and seventh.

On Lap 10, Ron Hornaday catches Kyle Busch, passes for the lead and pulls away from Busch by six truck lengths.

On Lap 13, Johnny Benson has chassis issues, just trying to make it to the Lap 25 mandatory caution. Where his crew will be ready to correct the handling problem with the truck. 

The Top Five was: Ron Hornaday leading, Kyle Busch in second, Matt Crafton in third, Ryan Newman in fourth and Todd Bodine in fifth.

On Lap 17, the first caution flew for Donny Lia spinning down into the front stretch grass after losing it passing Jason White in the No. 08 Gunbroker.com Dodge Ram truck.

Johnny Benson would pit, taking on four tires and adjustments. But anyone pitting couldn't take fuel, due to the Lap 25 mandatory caution.

The top five under caution was: Ron Hornaday leading, Matt Crafton in second, Ryan Newman in third, Kyle Busch in fourth and Erik Darnell in the No. 99 Northern Tools & Equipment Ford F-150 truck in fifth.

On the Lap 20 restart, Ron Hornaday took the green pulling away by a couple of truck lengths from Matt Crafton.

On Lap 22, Johnny Benson reports to his crew chief, Trip Bruce, that he has loose wheel and his 23 truck is shaking pretty bad. Bruce would reassure Benson, but had the crew ready if need be to change tire's.

On Lap 23, Ryan Newman would pass Ron Hornaday for the lead on the high-side and pull away by sixth truck lengths.

On lap 26, the mandatory caution flag comes out. Everyone will pit, looks like Johnny Benson will change tires on this caution, so they can look at the tires and Goodyear as well. Could be costly for the team, since each team gets four sets of tires.

Mike Skinner would pull behind the wall on pit road, so his No. 5 Tundra Sponsored Toyota Tundra truck pit crew could change the springs on the truck.

Seems they really messed up the set-up for the race and hope it makes it easier for Skinner to drive.

The top five coming off of pit road was: Ron Hornaday first, Ryan Newman second, Chad McCumbee in the No. 8 MRD Chevrolet Silverado truck was third, Matt Crafton fourth and Erik Darnell fifth.

On the Lap 30 restart, Ron Hornaday takes the green and pulls away from Ryan Newman in second by three truck lengths.

On Lap 31, Mike Skinner comes back onto the track after changing springs and is three laps down. Skinner would finish twenty-sixth and be four laps down to the leader.

On Lap 32, Terry Cook would bounce off of the wall, keep right on truckin' and happened when passing Chad McCumbee getting too high.

On Lap 35, Johnny Benson didn't have a loose tire, but a equalized right rear according to Speed TV and what his crew chief told him. The team would remount the tires, so he could reuse them as a set of scuffed tire's.

On Lap 36, Ron Hornaday leads Ryan Newman by 0.537 seconds, but Kyle Busch is the fastest truck on the track.

On Lap 37, Matt Crafton running in fourth, would slow dramatically with suspect engine problem. He came to pit road, his crew popped the hood, think it's either a bad plug or something breaking in the engine.

On Lap 38, Kyle Busch would catch Ryan Newman in second and pass him for the position.

After 40 laps, the top five was: Ron Hornaday leading, Kyle Busch second, Ryan Newman third, Todd Bodine fourth, and Denny Hamlin in the No. 15 Ergon Toyota Tundra truck in fifth.

On Lap 45, Ron Hornaday has close to a second lead on Kyle Busch running in second.

On Lap 47, Matt Crafton would pull behind the wall for his team to work on his engine problem. It will effect his title hopes this season and depending on how Bodine does eliminate him from the title chase.

Matt Crafton would finish 29th, 45 laps down to the leader and drop to fifth in the points 297 back to Johnny Benson.

On Lap 49, Johnny Benson seems to have bounced back from earlier chassis problems and now running in 10th.

On Lap 52, Scott Speed currently seventh and has run really well so far.

On Lap 54, Johnny Benson lets his crew chief, Trip Bruce, know the 23 truck is running tight and needs adjustments on the next pit stop.

On Lap 56, Scott Speed is running sixth, he's the best truck right now from the Bill Davis Racing stable and start the race in eleventh.

Speed TV on Scott Speed, he's really grown up over the last seven months into a great driver.

On Lap 59, the third caution comes out for Brent Rayner spinning after losing it come down the front stretch into the grass.

Ron Hornaday had lapped up to 17th place and held a six second lead, when the caution came out.

All the lead lap trucks come into pit, for schedule pit stops. Ron Hornaday would overrule his crew chief, Rick Ren, fuel only call and get four tires also.

Johnny Benson would get fuel, adjustments and put on two scuffed tires on the pit stop.

The battle off of pit road would have Ron Hornaday first, Johnny Benson second from great pit work, Kyle Busch third, Todd Bodine fourth, and Ryan Newman fifth. 

On the Lap 63 restart, Ron Hornaday takes the green pulls away from Johnny Benson, as everyone battling around Benson who's falling back with the two-tire call.

Give Benson a couple of laps, for the tires to come in and he'll work his way back to the front.

On Lap 66, Ron Hornaday leading and Kyle Busch in second pull away from the rest of the field by over a second.

On Lap 69, Ron Hornaday leads, Kyle Busch by 0.485 seconds. Benson's running in eleventh over 10 seconds back of Hornaday.

After 70 Laps, the top five was: Ron Hornaday leading, Kyle Busch in second, Ryan Newman in third, Todd Bodine in fourth, and Denny Hamlin in fifth.

On Lap 76, Ron Hornaday leads by 1.255 seconds, over Kyle Busch in second.

On Lap 77, Johnny Benson running in 16th, his 23 truck truck hasn't been right all day and his pit crew just can't seem to get it adjusted just right.

On Lap 80, Scott Speed took two positions, now running in seventh and Johnny Benson is in danger of going a lap down. 

On Lap 81, Ron Hornaday is leading by 1.833 seconds, over Kyle Busch in second.

On Lap 82, Ryan Newman in third, catches Kyle Busch in second and puts pressure on trying to pass him.

On Lap 83, Ron Hornadayhas over a two second lead over both Kyle Busch second and Ryan Newman third.

On Lap 84, Ryan Newman would pass Kyle Busch for second. Johnny Benson would get passed by Brian Scott in the No. 16 Albertson's Toyota Tundra truck falls back to seventeenth and Hornaday should lap him in four laps or less.

On Lap 89, the fourth caution flag came out for debris on the track. It's a huge break for Johnny Benson who was on the verge of being lapped by Ron Hornaday.

All the lead lap trucks would pit, the top five coming off of pit road where; Ron Hornaday leading, Ryan Newman in second, Todd Bodine in third, Erik Darnell in fourth, and Scott Speed in fifth.

Kyle Busch's pit crew took out four rounds adjusting the truck, put on four scuffs and comes out in 10th, was running third prior to pitting. They also by using scuffed tires, saving a new set for a late caution and hope new tires would get him the win.

On the Lap 93 restart, Ron Hornaday takes the green, pulls away by a couple of truck lengths from Ryan Newman in second.

On Lap 95, Speed's running in fifth, he's run really well today and has stayed in the top 10 all day.

On Lap 96, Johnny Benson with good tires on his truck passes Brendan Gaughan in the No. 10 Maxx Force International Diesel Ford F-150 truck for 13th.

On Lap 98, Ron Hornaday leads Ryan Newman by 0.660 seconds gets the extra five points for leading the most laps today and that's important.

On Lap 101, Ron Hornaday leading by 0.724 seconds over Ryan Newman in second.

On Lap 108, Ron Hornaday extends his lead by 1.233 seconds over Ryan Newman in second. Hornaday has lead 70 laps of the 108 laps run so far today.

On Lap 110, Scott Speed is running in sixth, has run really good today and more importantly getting valuable track time.

On Lap 113, Benson's running in ninth, some 13 seconds plus behind Hornaday the leader.

On Lap 120, Ron Hornaday has lost a second to Ryan Newman in second. Seems Hornaday may have used up his 33 truck, he's down on the bottom in turns one and two and switches to the high-side in turns three and four.

On Lap 122, Ryan Newman passes Ron Hornaday for the lead going by on the high-side and been running around the track up top.

On Lap 123, Ryan Newman leading, has Ron Hornaday right there batting for the lead.

On Lap 125, Ryan Newman has built a 0.686 seconds lead on Ron Hornaday.

On Lap 127, Ryan Newman is leading, but Ron Hornaday pulls right up to his bumper vying for the win.

On Lap 128, Ron Hornaday running around the bottom has gained on Ryan Newman running on the high-side.

On Lap 129, Hornaday down on the bottom would retake the lead, coming to the stripe for the last lap.

On Lap 130, Ryan Newman would battle back to be side by side with Ron Hornaday. Coming off of turn two, Ron Hornaday misjudged the turn and that's all Ryan Newman would need for the win.

Ryan Newman would take the win, in his truck series debut and becomes the fourth driver to do it.

Ernie Cope would record his first win at Kevin Harvick, Inc., being the crew chief for the No. 2 truck and had his little son with him to celebrate the win with.

Newman would use the high-side of the track too catch and pass Hornaday for the win.

Ryan Newman did the burnouts, took the checkers and celebrated in victory lane. It was disappointing to see, Newman had no clue who his sponsor was and Speed TV came to his rescue. He would thank Hornaday for racing him clean at the finish.

Ron Hornaday would finish in second, would go to victory to congradulate Newman for the win.

Obviously Hornaday was disappointed after leading 110 laps today, lost the race misjudging a turn on the last lap. He would thank the VFW, camping World, Kevin & Delana for the great truck and the troops in Iraq.

It's the fourth race, he's finished second in Atlanta in trucks.

While it looked like Kevin Harvick didn't have any team rules between his trucks. Even said, he didn't have any rules it sure looked like he did.

While Happy will never admit it, I think they did, because with five laps to go was 6/10's of a second ahead of Hornaday and pulling away. On the next lap, Hornaday's right back on his bumper battling for the lead.

Now Hornaday looked like he used up his truck dominating the race and Newman look to good making that pass, even pulling away.

Had Hornaday not messed up on turn two on the last lap, he would have won the race and been 16 points behind Benson, rather than 31 points. Just hope those 15 points don't come into play at Homestead.

Sure Happy could have been telling the truth about no rules, but maybe Delana put her foot down.

Denny Hamlin would finish third, Todd Bodine would finish fourth and Scott Speed would finish fifth.

Kyle Busch who on that last pit stop, saved a new set of tires for a late caution and post race stomped off all upset he didn't get it.

Scott Speed got some great seat time in the No. 22 truck for Sunday's Cup race and hope he does better than last weeks 30th finish.

The points now has Johnny Benson leading, Ron Hornaday by 31 points and Todd Bodine by 218 points.

Top 10 results from the E-Z-Go 200

1. Ryan Newman

2. Ron Hornaday

3. Denny Hamlin

4. Todd Bodine

5. Scott Speed

6. Erik Darnell

7. Johnny Benson

8. Kyle Busch

9. T.J. Bell

10. Brian Scott

The next race is next Friday night at Texas Motor Speedway at 8:30PM for the NCTS Setup and a 9PM race time.


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