Problems In The World Of Wrestling

Shak WilliamsContributor IOctober 26, 2008

Wrestling was good from late 1997 to mid 2001. When Goldberg came it got good again, but they started to destroy his character. Three people always stuck out to me in wrestling: Chyna, Rock, and Austin.

After Chyna was released I knew that something was happening. I knew that when they shoved her into the women's division all of a sudden. In 2004 the WWE completely destroyed their women's division and replaced the wrestlers with models and actresses with no experience; that only knew how to get naked.
The men's division was destroyed again in 2005. John Cena was portrayed as Superman and lost very little of his matches. Every time the opportunity to have a good story arrived, they destroyed it. I remember back in 2005 when they hadn't had a females match for about three months.

They finally had a bikini contest in which Christy Hemme won and after the match the face Victoria turned heel and dominated every other person in the ring, including king. The fans were on their feet applauding and cheering. The next week Victoria was the biggest jobber in the WWE.
WWE sux now, TNA was getting good, but they lack something. WWE kept the focus on the same people for too long and they threw new guys in all at once. After the main attractions leave, soon, so will the fans. Their new younger superstars all came in at the same time. They can wrestle, but don't have the spark that the wrestlers had in the late 90s.

There use to be stables everywhere. The original DX, The Nation, The Corporation, The Ministry, The corporate ministry.  The DX comebacks recently were just for the kids who know nothing about the group. It only included HHH and HBK which was obviously a mistake since their were four other unforgettable members.

However, HHH screwed every last one of then out of their jobs. Ex: HHH is the reason for Chyna's departure.

Wrestling is on a slow train to oblivion. The stories happen and end to fast or the stories exist long after they should have ended. I'm 18 and I've been a fan since 97. WWE isn't ever going to get back their hardcore audience. Too much has changed.

The people that we grew up with have either retired or quit on bad terms. You can give these new guys as many chances as possible, but they just can't deliver. Great wrestlers, bad characters. The gimmicks are less than horrible meaning they aren't getting anywhere.

WWE has a problem with this new "underdog" win. The great wrestlers with years of experience and potential have to job to the WWE made superheroes with no technicality what so ever. Ever noticed that every heel female wrestler is a trained wrestler as opposed to the face female wrestlers.

John Cena and Batista are strong, but lack character. In time they will be forgotten. It's like rap music. Some of the artists in the 90s will never leave our memories, but these new guys will exit are memories after about a month.

Cena's gimmick is long passed due. Apparently, only children and 15 year-old girls are taking him seriously. Batista lacks mic skills, which Jonh Cena has. Powerhouses aren't the only types of wrestlers, there are many other styles that need to be taken seriously.

TNA had the chance, but they aren't living up to the expectations that I have had. WWE needs to fire their writers, remove Steph McMahon, and hire new writers with new and fresh and non stereotypical ideas.

Change gimmicks, create stables, stop hiring would be celebrities in an attempt to get ratings. Stop labeling your females as athletes when they can't land one great move and stop having your female wrestlers pose for playboy when they can't even put on a decent match.
Don't throw in new characters at the same time in hopes that the fans will connect. The fans will eventually become confused and will ultimately lose interest (like myself).

Stop focusing the attention on the same people for months on end and stop beginning and ending stories to quickly. Stop throwing the same people into matches every week. Stop rushing into feuds.

Stop making the fan favorites champs. Stop having all of the great potential wrestlers turn heel and job.

Stop having the same people hold the belts. Start creating new stables. Stop having "legends" make the same comebacks and embarrassing themselves to give the audience a laugh. Be creative, be fresh, stop using old material. Start hiring people who've spent their lives training and crating their skills.

Stop hiring men and women who know nothing about the business. Be serious again! Stop delivering the same old things. With no new concepts, you'll get no new fans and, ultimately, your current fans will begin to disappear as well.