WWE Capitol Punishment Preview: Predictions You Can Take to the Bank

Eric Kanes@EricKanesContributor IIIJune 17, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment Preview: Predictions You Can Take to the Bank

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    What's up, ladies and gentlemen? My name is Eric Kanes and after a brief hiatus, I am officially back with my monthly PPV preview.

    Before I move on, I'd like to say something on a personal note. The reason that I have not been writing for the past three weeks is because I have been working on a pretty big online project. I will not reveal any more details until it is finished but I will keep you updated on my Facebook page so make sure to add me.

    And now that we've gotten our shilling out of the way, let's get this show on the road.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

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    The first match on the show will likely be CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio. Could this be a decent opener if given enough time? Sure. Am I thrilled to be seeing this match on the card? Not at all. 18 months ago, this was considered a dream match. However, all of the hype that this program once had is now out the window.

    The problem is that we've already seen this match about a dozen times in the span of the last 18 months. Hell, we just saw this twice on free TV in the past month. There's also been no build-up going into this PPV other than those two matches. It feels like this is on the card just for the sake of getting these guys on the show and filling up time which is why there's no excitement at all going in.

    Regarding the winner of this match, it seems like CM Punk is on his way out so WWE might want to get one last feud with John Cena out of him. With that said, it looks like WWE is going in that direction as Punk picked up a win over Cena last Monday.

    Putting Punk in a program with Cena might also be their way of advancing the R-Truth conspiracy storyline by not allowing Truth to get another shot. Therefore, I am locking in CM Punk as my pick.

    Eric's Pick: CM Punk

Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson

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    Talk about filler. This program has been going on for two months and it already feels overwhelming. It's probably because The Corre wasn't even together long enough for people to care about their split. With that said, this isn't a match that I am particularly looking forward to.

    Either way, let's break this down. Wade Barrett beat Ezekiel Jackson at the last PPV. Wade Barrett no longer has Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel in his corner. WWE officials want to push Ezekiel Jackson. Put two and two together and it looks like Ezekiel Jackson will be your new Intercontinental Champion come Sunday.

    Eric's Pick: Ezekiel Jackson

The Miz vs. Alex Riley

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    At first, I was against breaking The Miz and Alex Riley up because it seemed like Miz was the only thing keeping Riley relevant. However, this feud has done a great job of proving me wrong because of how over Riley has gotten with the crowds. It just goes to show you that it takes time to properly build up a story.

    So far, WWE has done a phenomenal job of making Riley look strong. Therefore, while he's still hot and has a lot of momentum, he needs to pick up the win.

    People say that The Miz will drop out of the main event scene if he takes the loss here but I beg to differ. It's not like The Miz has never taken a loss before. After all, he took three straight losses on PPV last year and still bounced back a few weeks later after winning the WWE title. The Miz is not some transitional main eventer. I'd say he's a legitimate main eventer because he actually has the ability to stay relevant outside of the title picture.

    Plus, The Miz has a great track record when it comes to putting guys over. Just ask Daniel Bryan and John Morrison, who came out looking like a million bucks after their matches with The Miz. With that said, it would be just plain stupid to have Riley lose.

    Eric's Pick: Alex Riley

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    Here we go again. Apparently, the fact that these two were drafted onto another show makes this feud fresh. It was less than a year ago that we were getting this match on SmackDown nearly every week. Now that it's been kicked into the ground on SmackDown, it's found its way over to RAW.

    That's not my only problem with this match. The story here has been so generic that it's not even funny. Dolph beat Kofi and now he gets a shot at the U.S. title. Is it that hard to come up with an actual storyline?

    As for the winner, this match is so irrelevant that it makes no difference. I already have a couple heels winning, though, so I'll go with Kofi here just to balance things out. They rarely, if ever, have pay-per-views where more than half of the heels win.

    Eric's Pick: Kofi Kingston

Randy Orton vs. Christian

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    Now we're talking. So far, the Christian/Orton match at Over the Limit is the "Match of the Year" for me. The match that they had on SmackDown is the third best match after Undertaker/Triple H. That's how good the chemistry between these two men is. I hope to see them get another 15+ minute match here and hope to see another "Match of the Night" (although that's not hard to achieve on this card).

    It has been reported that Randy Orton suffered a concussion last Sunday and his health is still in question. In the case that he can't wrestle, here's what I would do—make it a Fatal Four Way match between Christian, Orton, Sheamus, and Henry so Orton can take less bumps.

    Towards the end of the match, have Henry and Sheamus join forces with Christian and beat down Orton. Then, have Christian get the win and have Sheamus and Henry as his two bodyguards while Christian continues playing the chickensh*t heel. I actually suggested a similar scenario in a recent column that I wrote and just thought it would fit in perfectly here.

    Anyway, assuming that the planned Orton/Christian match does take place, I'll lock Randy Orton in as my pick. Not only is it the likely choice but it is also the most logical. As long as Christian remains in the main event scene, he doesn't need the win. In fact, it would even give him more to whine about which would allow him to advance his character.

    Either way, I am intrigued to see what WWE plans out for this and am hoping to see another classic match.

    Eric's Pick: Randy Orton

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    There's not really much to say anything about this match. The build has been pretty average but it looks like this is all being done to build Del Rio up as a WWE title challenger for SummerSlam.

    I'm not a fan of that decision as I'd much rather have Truth or Punk in that spot, but that does seem to be their direction. Therefore, since Big Show is working with a "broken hand" expect to see Del Rio take advantage of that and pick up the win.

    On a sidenote, I have to say that I love how Kane freaked out when Big Show got hit by a car and how he tried to save Ricardo Rodriguez on Monday. He sure is a nice dude for a guy who puts people in vegetative states.

    Eric's Pick: Alberto Del Rio

John Cena vs. R-Truth

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    And now, the main event. Out of all the matches, I have to say that this is the one that I am looking forward to the most just to see how WWE handles it.

    The fact that R-Truth is losing is pretty much a given. He's been the most entertaining act on RAW for the past two months but I don't see him going over John Cena as there wouldn't be many other babyface challengers for him on RAW. Plus, if he were to win here and then drop it to John Cena at the next PPV, then the "conspiracy" storyline would have to end. The likely route that WWE will take is having Cena move on to a new feud while R-Truth goes on to compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

    What I'm interested in seeing is how WWE makes Truth look. Will he put up a fight or will he just lose in 20 seconds like The Miz did at the last PPV? If I were booking this match, I'd give Truth and Cena over 20 minutes. They might not put on a technical classic but both of these know how to tell a great story. Have them go back-and-forth until they can both barely stand. Cena keeps trying to put Truth away but Truth won't give up which shocks Cena.

    To end it, Truth makes one mistake which allows John Cena to get a roll-up victory. However, Cena cannot get up while Truth is infuriated. This makes Truth beat him down and walk off talking to himself to end the show. That scenario would actually allow Truth to look like a legitimate main event player. Of course, the complete opposite will likely happen but it will be interesting to see nonetheless.

    Eric's Pick: John Cena

Bonus Questions

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    As always, here are some bonus questions for my readers. The questions are in bold and my answers are in regular text:


    Which superstar left off the card should have gotten a spot on the show?

    On this card, there's nobody that I'm shocked to see left out. However, if I had to pick I'd go with Daniel Bryan. With the way this card looks, there's no reason he shouldn't be involved.


    Over the Limit got the second lowest U.S. buyrates ever at 65,000. Will Capitol Punishment do better or worse in terms of buyrates?

    I think it'll do better but not by much. Over the Limit had a much stronger card but this PPV has had better build-up and (as crazy as it may sound) more fresh match-ups. There seems to be a lot of bad stuff on this card such as the re-hashed feuds from SmackDown but there are several matches to look forward to as well such as R-Truth vs. John Cena, Randy Orton vs. Christian, and The Miz vs. Alex Riley.


    Which match will steal the show?

    If it takes place as planned, then definitely Randy Orton vs. Christian. The Miz vs. Alex Riley and R-Truth vs. John Cena will be more about telling a story and will probably have more brawling while Randy Orton vs. Christian will be another solid technical bout.


    Should WWE leave or drop this PPV concept?

    Definitely drop. The video packages with Obama are lame and incredibly cheesy. It's not about the name. It's about the quality of the matches and storytelling.


    Will you be watching this PPV?

    More than likely, yes. I'll also probably be writing about the show live as I watch it. Make sure to add me on Facebook to stay tuned.


    And that shall conclude my official Capitol Punishment preview. I will be right back here this Sunday with some live PPV coverage but until then, I'm out!