Hold Up Jets Fans, Wait for Return of Nordiques!

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IIJune 14, 2011

NEWARK, NJ - APRIL 10:  Members of the 'Nordiques Nation' converge on Prudential Center prior to the game between the New Jersey Devils and the Boston Bruins on April 10, 2011 in Newark, New Jersey.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With all this talk of the Winnipeg Jets brand coming back or being held off, cynical ideas have been brought up, one of which points to the prospects of Quebec City getting a team back.

Quebec City was the smallest NHL market back in 95, when they were forced to move due to finances and an inadequate stadium.

Now the problems are somewhat the same but with an easier solution.

Quebec City and the surrounding area is a larger population than Winnipeg. The thick French-speaking culture has been somewhat lifted since the failed referendum of '95, and bill 101 has lost much of its luster. That, to make a point about free agency, concerns for a return to Quebec City. So the final question is the status of the stadium. A proposed stadium is currently in limbo due to the Quebec Premier but can see construction begin as soon as this year, for a capacity of 18,000 ( significantly larger than the MTS centre ).

So the prospect of the Nordiques coming lies with the time the Coyotes have in Phoenix. If they are to move from Glendale in 2012, Quebec City may lack the viability of supporting a franchise, without the new stadium they would be looking to temporarily maintain the team in arguably the worst building compared with the rest of the NHL.

The Coyotes would indeed survive on life support until 2013, but this all depends on the other markets for an NHL team. In short, few exist, Kansas City is not running to filling their stadium as it gets a ton of business as it is. The Pens and Kings will play at the Sprint Centre next season but this does not spell certainty and when comparing the Kansas City stadium that seats 17,000 with a possible 18,000 capacity stadium in a ( no offense ) more hockey friendly market, the Coyotes may indeed move back to Canada.

This creates the obvious conundrum, Quebec City gets an NHL team back, the Avalanche did not opt to take the Nords name and logo so Quebec City has all the right to use it. Even if the history is not applicable due to Colorado, the Phoenix Coyotes/Jets history would not be taken by Quebec City, no way, no how.

So by default in such a situation, the Jets would get their history, officially back.

The alternative is the Phoenix Coyotes move to Kansas City. In this situation it's hard to peg, Kansas City did have an NHL team called the Scouts but that franchise exists today as the New Jersey Devils and I doubt there's many Kansas City residents who remember or care about the Scouts. The question of whether or not Kansas City would want to take on the Coyotes/Jets history is subjective, but you have got to imagine the team moving to Quebec would be a much smoother transition for Winnipeg to get its history back.