Plaxico Burress Can Make or Break Andy Reid

WesAnalyst IJune 14, 2011

He has what Eagles fans want.
He has what Eagles fans want.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

At some point this season, a debate will arise about Andy Reid's future.

His most ardent supporters will talk about his numerous franchise records, which currently include 118 wins, seven divisional titles, nine postseason appearances and 19 postseason wins.

Meanwhile, his most vehement adversaries will point out his inability to run a balanced offense, manage the clock or timeouts and make in-game adjustments, and point out his poor record in conference championships and the Super Bowl.

Oddly enough, there is a player who can bring the upcoming debate to an end while also creating another: Plaxico Burress.

When the former New York Giants receiver was released form jail June 6 Philadelphia Eagles fans wondered if he could add value to the team.

Instead of focusing solely on his value, fans may want to refer back to the initial question about Reid's future and how Burress can finally end it.

If you believe Reid is an offensive genius who is a proven winner, Burress is your man.

Last year, the Eagles offense ranked second in yards (6,230) and third in points (27.4) in the NFL.

Those numbers include an offense that disappeared when it entered the red zone.

According to TeamRankings ( the Eagles scored a touchdown on 52.46 percent of the time they entered the redone. The red zone offense  ranked 15th in the NFL and it also cost them games, most notably against the Chicago Bears.

Now imagine for a minute what would happen to the offense if Burress were running fade patterns in the end zone.

He would not only haul in some touchdowns, but he would make other players on the field that much better.

And if Reid decided to run a balanced offense, the Eagles would have the ability to strike quickly with players like DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, or they could methodically march the ball down the field and cap off a drive with Burress in the corner of the end zone.

Those who believe in Reid can't deny all of the above, otherwise you would be discrediting his talents.

But what about those think Reid is a repeat of the movie "Titanic"?

Once again, Burress is the perfect piece to the puzzle.

If you really believe all of Reid's shortcomings, then you will realize Burress will allow Reid to have a party during the regular season before the ship sinks in the postseason.

He will continue to run an unbalanced offense, which will be predictable and allow good defenses to gain an advantage.

At some point, the front office will understand it doesn't matter who Reid brings in, because his offense will never be capable of winning a Super Bowl.

It will lead to Reid getting the boot and allow another coach to come in and implement a winning system with a young team.

For the record, I say bring Burress on board because it is a win-win for me.

If Reid somehow balances things out and uses Burress properly, the Eagles would have the best offense in the NFL.

But if he remains stubborn and doesn't figure out how to win a Super Bowl, he will finally be run out of Philadelphia.

It's a similar situation to what Tom Coughlin found himself in 2007 when he won a Super Bowl thanks to a game-winning touchdown from Burress.