Will John Madden Return To The Raiders Front Office?

raiderdad4everContributor IOctober 26, 2008

Could John Madden be the Football man with "local ties " that Mr. Davis mentioned in his post comments following the raiders latest coaching change? When asked Mr. Davis mentioned He had been thinking of a certain person with strong local ties and a football background. 

It would be great to have Coach Madden return to his team. I could not think of a single person who could help bring a sense of stability with the Raiders front office other than Coach Madden. He is getting up in age and must be tired of all the travel, plus we all know how Coach Madden feels about the Raiders and Mr. Davis, it would be the perfect choice.

Coach Madden could deal with the media and bring back some of the Raider Magic that has been missing for years. This would be a true dream for all Raider fans.  Coach Madden "being the right hand man" for Mr. Davis and the Raiders General Manager.