WWE RAW Aftermath: A Three Hour Edition That Was Not so Special

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WWE RAW Aftermath: A Three Hour Edition That Was Not so Special
I like Stone Cold as RAW GM.

It's cheapie Tuesday everyone! 

Movie night for me here on this glorious sunny day...finally!

Just before I plan what time I am to watch Magneto destroy humankind, I have to let off some steam over last night's long and irritating show. 

By the way, is there a link between the fact that I am a total "heel" supporter in WWE and my utmost support for evil mutants in the Marvel Universe?

It is hell of a good time for some Real Talk!

I am appalled company officials thought it was a great decision not to have Zack Ryder appear LIVE in his hometown.

What the heck is that? I thought it was a virtual slap in the face to the poor guy. He deserved to be there, if not only because he worked his butt off to establish incredible ratings for his Internet show.

That's a total disconnect! Get real! What? You couldn't hear the chants for Ryder last night? Get the wax extracted from your ears!! Sure I like Ryder, he is funny and creative. He is not my favorite but I give him credit for being some young guy just trying to make a name for himself.

Are you disappointed from yeasterday's All-Star edition of Monday Night RAW?

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Another downer was the Divas. I love my Divas and their division. There is not even a match announced for Capitol Punishment this Sunday. What about the Beth Phoenix-Kelly/Bellas feud going on?

Did someone have amnesia? Kharma just left us for a while and already it's back to the "John" with all of the ladies.

I am so insulted to see then put in a "Rockettes" dance number. For crying out loud, this is Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Melina, multiple time champions! Have some respect! 

Where are the applications for WWE Creative? Who do I have to pay to get in there? Or maybe they could pay me and I'd...nah! No job is worth that!

The lowlight of my night, by far was, the way former champion The Miz is being treated.

I think I was going to blow a gasket. I have to remind myself this is all for some greater purpose and he will surprise the entire cosmos very soon.

Not only did nothing happen between he and Stone Cold, but he simply left the ring and took that taunting. He was also shoved into a "Piper's Pit" segment with his opponent, Alex Riley and that old fart, Roddy Piper.

I thought it was alright, The Miz had some great comebacks and humbled the Hall of Famer by reminding him he and not Piper, actually held the WWE title. I loved it.

One moment in time I lobotomize away!

It all went to hell the moment that $5000 match became reality. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper won the match with assistance by a treacherous Riley (who's going to get his due this week end) PLUS The Miz was just thrown out of the ring like last week's garbage.

So lame! Do all parties agree to this crap?

There will be some serious pay back very soon. The Miz is part of the future and one of the reasons we all watch WWE RAW, like it or not! He deserved better. All these guys treated this way just helps remind us all as to why the ratings and stock prices take a plunge every week.

If you settle for less, you'll get less! Take that McMahon!

The bright side? A silver lining? CM Punk battled and defeated WWE Champion John SuperCena in the main event.

How refreshing that was! Ahhh! Like opening a cold Corona in the hot summer sun poolside.

That and the fact I may have changed my mind on R-Truth, his character and his chances this Sunday were the best part of the show.

Could this be a sign CM Punk decided to stick around in the company? Could we see a new WWE Champion in the next little while? 

When I think about it, R-Truth or CM Punk, it doesn't matter as long as it is not that alien from planet Krypton!

Hell, I'm even starting to think John Morrison will get that belt soon. With R-Truth made to feud with him soon, my gut tells me either JoMo will cost him the match this week end OR we will have a new champion and a new challenger waiting in the wings.

Things might not be so bad on that front. If only the rest could be just as fun.

Wishful thinking?

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