Zherdev haunts Jackets

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Zherdev haunts Jackets
Its not that the Jackets played horrible, but the Rangers were certainly the better team last night.

You knew one of the traded players would make a difference but the question was who? Well Z certainly had his night and answered that question with a goal and 2 helpers. Figures right? Meanwhile both Tyutin and Backman were okay. I would say Tyutin has been a pretty big dissapointment thus far early in the season - the turnovers he commits have been killer.


* Got to tip your hat to Z, he was the difference the last night.

* The games of "New York" segment was a pretty creative and well received.

* I really like the opening video this season. I didn't get to see it on opening night. Very well done.

* Pascal Leclaire played well. Would have been nice to stop that first shot from the point but he made a lot of quality saves last night and certainly wasn't the reason for the loss.

* The kids continue to deliver. Voracek had some early turnovers but also created a goal out of thin air. What was funny was that goal was scored with a line of Filatov-Brassard-Voracek which Hitch trotted out just that one time. He's got to find a way to play Voracek more as he only got 11 minutes of ice time.

* I thought Rusty Klesla made one of the best plays I've ever seen him make as a Jacket when he took a head first hit into the boards but recovered to hustle back and break up a real good scoring chance. The rest of his game was typical Rusty.

* I thought Peca had a pretty good night. He was awesome in the faceoff cirlce winning 71% of his draws and made a lot of strong defensive plays. He had some bad luck at the end there with that 4 minute high sticking penalty but by that point this game was well in hand by the Rangers.

* Backman for me has been much better than I thought he'd be. Methot played decent again last night as well.

* Nash 0-6 on breakaways. At some point the law of averages has to catch up with him.....right?

* Where are the replays at? During the review of Dubinsky's goal why not show the crowd the replay?

* Although a competitive game, the Jackets were just outplayed by the Rangers and didn't deserve the win. I can't think of one aspect of the game where the Jackets outplayed them. They were outhit, outshot, out goaltended, allowed a PP goal... the did come out on top in the face off cirlce winning 55% of the draws.

* Huselius was real quite last night as was that entire line. As Puck-rakers hinted in their blog, look for a shakeup on that line -- which probably means Manny Malhotra on the top line (ugh).

* Get Filatov to Syracuse. He's gains nothing by playing 2 minutes a night. The Jackets and Howson are smarter than this. Pure speculation on my part but one must think there is something going on behind the scenes as for the reason he's up (flight risk?).

* I'm not a fan but I don't really get the booing of Z. He didn't choose to leave, the Jackets traded him.

* Jackets top two defensive pairs are not clicking. Time for a shakeup.

* That's a real big grey area in terms of re-directing and kicking. I could see that Dubinsky goal being waived off many a night throughout the NHL. No such luck for the Jackets.

* Nash Umberger Huselius each a -2. Giving up way to many chances when they are out there.

1. Voracek gets another.
2. Leclaire did what he could.
3. New York New York segment.

That was a tough 2 points to let slip away, especially when the Jackets have to go into Minnesota tonight to face an undefeated Wild team. It doesn't get any easier and the Jackets will certainly have to play a whole lot better than what they've done on previous back to backs to have any kind of shot.


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