Jackets get hosed

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Jackets get hosed
I'll have more on this game in the morning but I just saw the replay of the waived off game tying goal by Nash.

I have two words:

Complete horseshit!

That is a flat out one of the worst calls I've ever seen. How is there any conclusive evidence in that video to overturn the call on the ice which was ruled a goal? There isn't. Even the Wild couldn't believe it was overturned.

Judge for yourself:

The Jackets have enough problems winning games so they most certainly don't need Toronto (or whomever) taking points from them...and make no mistake about it, this was a robbery.

What could have been a huge momentum boost for the Jackets is now big deflating kick in that area loss.

Man I've stomached a lot of losses as a fan but I haven't been this pissed after one in a long time. I couldn't imagine being a Jackets player in that locker room after this one.


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