Smackdown Vs Raw 2009: Play It Big!

George ButcherCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2008

If you think youv'e seen everything in the past wrestling games, then think again. With hard hitting, explosive tag teaming, come to life with Smackdown Vs Raw 2009.

Like every year, I end up thinking the same thing after a while about this game. When I first receive the game I am amazed at how many different qualities it has. But as time fades away, I end up knowing how rubbish this game is now.

I say the same old things about how they could improve the game play and what features it should have. Also, I know exactly what finishers the game will have on it after seeing them being performed on television by the performers.

This year however, after looking at the photos almost everyday i cant believe the amount of great new and exciting features it has on it. I see that it has old returning superstars, as well as all the new and improving ones. It has features such as, a better backstage brawl area, you can fight almost anywhere, new arenas to choose from, and more match choices to select from. The list goes on, but I know that this year will be amazing.

The superstars on this game are in such good physique and look almost real life. Basically the graphics are astonishing and I don't know how they can improve this. If you want a sneak peak at this new and exciting game, then visit any website from Smackdown Vs Raw when you type it into google.

I saw that the game comes out on 7th November and had to immediately pre-order it off the Internet through Game. I would strongly erge you to buy this game, as it will be the best game of 2009, I guarantee it!