How Close Are We Getting To Bastardizing "God Bless America" at Baseball Games?

Mike MartinCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2008

Sometimes it's artistic...Jimi Hendrix.  Sometimes it is painful to listen to...Carl Lewis.  Sometimes it's an utter disgrace...Roseanne Barr.  

But most often the American National Anthem can be a great song.  Inspiring.  Powerful.  The splendor of a flawlessly executed National Anthem on a sunny day, with a giant flag covering half of the field is amazing.  As the singer finishes it the Blue Angels fly over the crowd erupts. 

After 9-11 things changed.  With the newfound "National Pride" a new tradition was born in Major League Baseball.   In the weeks following 9-11 Irish Tenor, Ronan Tynan, could be found standing near home plate leading off the 7th inning stretch while "God Bless America" is sung.

Sung a capella, his voice was magnificent as he belted out our second national anthem.  Adding to the ambiance was 50,000 baseball fans raining down their collective voices on him.  It brought chills to my skin.  When he finished on his high note I struggled to keep back tears.

That was 2001. 

As time rolls on, as politicians' wives bad-mouth America as having not been proud of America in her adult life until recently, as politicians incessant desire to disrespect America to gain their own political power, as Hollywood produces a political hit-piece rather than blockbuster hits that further tear away at our collective National Pride I have to ask:  Can we be that far away from away from a repeat of Roseanne grabbing her crotch in San Diego?  This time to the tune of "God Bless America".