WWE: Averno and the Top 6 Luchadores We'd Love to See in WWE

LewisAnalyst IIIJune 14, 2011

WWE: Averno and the Top 6 Luchadores We'd Love to See in WWE

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    We all love pro wrestling here and one of the most beloved Pro Wrestling styles is none other than Lucha Libre.

    So, I came up with this article to give a unique insight into some luchadores/high flyers, I would love to see wrestle in the WWE.

    Most of the Pro Wrestlers you'll see will mostly be classified by WWE as too dangerous or something along those lines, but we can all dream.

    I'm stopping the small talk, and sit back and see who pops up.  

Check out Averno!

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    PAC often nicknamed 'The man that gravity forgot' is someone who really excites me.

    He is somewhat of a spot monkey but we all love high octane spots and is a welcome change as he is a rare combination. A British Wrestler without Grappling as the core.

    He got his start in One Pro Wrestling (UK) but swiftly got a shot three years later in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in 2006 in addition he had multiple performances in TNA during 2007 along with a stint in Italy with Nu-Wrestling Evolution; credited with Ultimate Warriors final match.

    Also in 2007, he got the chance to perform in Japan via Dragon Gate which ultimately got him in Dragon Gate USA in 2010.

    Over the years, PAC has wrestled Current WWE Superstars Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne along with TNA Star Desmond Wolfe.

LA Park/ LA Parka

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    Although the Mexican-born, LA Park had a run in WCW, he didn't get a run with WWE.

    He left WCW in 2000 whilst WWE bought WCW in 2001 thus he never was a employed by WWE however, when he left WCW in 2000, he went to CMLL (one of Mexico's biggest Promotions) after a year with them, he left in 2004 to compete on the indy scene.

    Whilst on the Independents, he had a number of matches in TNA in 2004 and also returned to CMLL briefly but left again in 2008.

    He has since returned to AAA in 2010, his first major promotion. Since his return he has been the number one contender to their top-tier title.

    Parka is 45 years of age so far to old for the WWE, but It would have been nice if he got a shot around the time of leaving WCW and being billed at 6'1", he is quite agile.

Dr Wagner Jr.

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    I don't know much about the Mexican Wrestling scene but one name i'm somewhat familiar with is Dr Wagner Jr.

    Wagner has Pro Wrestling in his blood with his father, brother and son also being wrestlers at 45, he isn't the future of Lucha Libre but during his younger years, I think it would have been nice to witness.

    He ha primarily wrestled in Mexico with CMLL (1996-2009) and AAA (2009-present) but along the way has wrestled with Japan Promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling.

    In 2010, PWI listed him as the 16th best in the world which shows he can still go at the top but with his age perhaps his son may have a shot at WWE?

Jack Evans

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    I mention Jack Evans in another article recently and decided to take my extract from that:

    If you haven't heard of this guy, you must watch the video above.

    He goes by the name of Jack Evans, and was once in TNA around 2004; sadly that was just before I entered the world of TNA Wrestling as I began to watch around 2005 or 2006.

    He apparently was in an angle with Team Canada.

    Since his departure from TNA, He has wrestled with Ring Of Honor, Dragon Gate (Japan), however, from 2008 onwards, he has been down in the Mexican promotion AAA wrestling the likes of Christopher Daniels, Carlito, Teddy Hart and current FCW star Alex Koslov.

    I wish WWE would sign him, but he probably is too "dangerous" for them on the other hand, I would love to see him mix it up in TNA's X-Division scene.

Extreme Tiger

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    For those whom are unaware, This is Jack Evans tag team partner down in AAA.

    This Mexican sensation is comparable to Rey Mysterio in some aspects not only in the ring but also being trained by Mysterio's uncle.

    He also won the latest "Rey de Reyes" tournament and by looking on this list shows many top stars winning Vamprio, LA Parka and current AAA World Champion El Zorro.

Volador Jr

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    Volador Jr has Wrestling in his blood as his father Volador/Super Parka is the uncle of LA Park.

    Volador is best known for wrestling in CMLL wrestling the likes of current WWE Superstars Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara!

    During 2008, he had a brief stint in TNA with the 2008 World X-Cup competing with Team Mexico (Alongside Averno)

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    Mexican America sure has many issues but one thing I love is Sarita and Rosita.....

    Quit staring and leave a comment—If you feel I left someone out who should have been included mention it or perhaps you feel someone was wrongly included and we can discuss it.