Fireworks In The Dreams Of The Bulldog Nation

Evan WileyCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2008

Light fuse. Get Away.

Anyone who has ever held their own personal fireworks display knows those words. 

Fireworks are a guilty pleasure of mine, but I am in good company.  Gandalf enjoyed setting them off at Bilbo’s eleventyfirst birthday celebration.  The ancient Chinese used them to drive away evil spirits.  Beavis and Butthead abused their fiery magic in a way that only an adolescent male can truly appreciate.

The Dawgs came out ready to attack. Darryl Gamble lit the fuse with a touchdown off of an interception on the first offensive play of the game.  This move swiftly and decisively shifted momentum early on, and so the Dawgs would go on to get away, taking the score with them.  

Death Valley is a formidable opponent in itself, to say nothing of LSU.  The past thirty teams that have attempted to take down LSU on their home turf have failed.  The crowd is well known for being the loudest and rowdiest in the nation.  Opposing fans and teams are prompted with a constant barrage of the phrase “Tiger Bait”. 

With that one play from Darryl Gamble, the stadium fell quiet.  The awe of this display of power before them caused the fans to quiet down. 

The score would wax and wane.  In the end the Dawgs got away with a 52-38 victory. 

The Dawgs did many things well.  

First, we converted third downs.  This has been an issue with Georgia’s offense all season, but today it seemed that Stafford could do no wrong.  The ball was at his command as he consistently picked apart the LSU defense.  A.J. Green, Kenneth Harris, Michael Moore, and Kris Durham all had great catches.  The passing offense fired on all cylinders and the Dawgs showed their true offensive prowess to the country as a whole. 

Second, the Dawgs blocked well.  The offensive line now has it’s share of duct tape holding it together, but they got the job done.  Critical blocks from Chapas and Sutherland led to plenty of ground yardage.  One unsung hero, however, rose above others when it came to blocking.  He helped keep many drives alive.  He did far more than was expected of him in this arena.  This hero was A.J. Green, who helped set up plenty of open receivers out in the flats by effectively blocking elements of LSU’s pass coverage.  

Third, the ground game lived up to its Heisman-esque expectations.  In a previous article I described Knowshon Moreno in much the same way one would a bottle rocket as it zoomed through a crowd of people like something one of the Weasley boys came up with to cause trouble at Hogwarts-twisting and turning as it speedily meandered its way to the end zone. 

He did just that as he twisted, turned, and made a dash for the end zone with a 68-yard run in the third quarter. 

It was simply glorious.  

In his graphic novel, The Invisibles, Grant Morrison describes nature (and spacetime as a whole) as overlapping sets of fractal images.  Look at a fern or a snowflake to see what I mean.

I’ve noticed a theme of fireworks throughout the build-up to this game, during it and afterward.  Fireworks somehow have become a fractal image throughout the hearts and minds of the bulldog nation.  First was a reference I made in another article. 

Second, I was at the final live showing of the DAMN! Show in Athens on Friday night.  Indoor pyrotechnics were present, as Yucko the Clown (of Howard Stern fame) led a cheer for the Bulldogs.  As out of character as it was for him, the feeling of anticipation of something great seemed to permeate the audience that night. 

Finally, I head over to’s message board.  What’s on the screen? A digital display of fireworks!  

That’s a symbolic fractal image of the collective hopes and dreams of the Bulldog Nation if I’ve ever seen one.  Or maybe I’m just sleep deprived.

However you want to look at it, the fireworks are there:  Explosive offense, screaming Dawg fans, a total shutdown of the most hostile environment in college football, and the momentum the Bulldogs need to go into the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party and walk away with another victory.

Tonight the Bulldog Nation shall lie in their beds contently, the fireworks of victory dancing in their dreams.