Extreme Cyber Sunday

Mark SiebertCorrespondent INovember 1, 2016

Tomorrow night is WWE's pay-per-view; Cyber Sunday. One of the most interesting and innovative WWE event of the year. For every match there is a stipulation that is decided by the fans through text message and online votes.

One of the highlighted events of the night will be the ECW Championship match. Current champ Matt Hardy has proved his worth against all three of his potential opponents in the past, and has also pronhimself a true champ countless times on Tuesday nights on ECW. Only one of the hopeful challengers has held the coveted title once before; Mark Henry.

With the aide of Tony Atlas, Mark Henry is a formidable foe for every match he is involved with. He showed us some destruction on Monday Night Raw when he completely dominated Chris Jericho. Mark Henry has been after Matt Hardy ever since he lost his belt at Unforgiven.

Some credit has to be given to Finlay from that same Unforgiven match. It was a championship scramble which involved Finlay, Matt, Chavo, Henry, and the Miz. Finlay unveiled some Irish spunk in that match as well as every Tuesday since then. Finlay's son, Hornswaggle, could also provide an advantage to the man who loves to fight.

The third choice is Evan Bourne. Bourne has shown the WWE Universe that he can compete with the best by going toe-to-toe with the Big Red Machine, Kane, alongside friend Rey Mysterio. Evan was able to hold his own for the most part and has definitely stacked up a very effective arsenal of maneuvers.

The choice lies on the shoulders of the WWE fans.

My choice is for Evan Bourne because I think he ha a very promising future in the WWE. However, Finlay deserves to have won a major title by now. Either way, Mark Henry had his chance and can go without a title for awhile. Find out on October 26th, only on pay-per-view.