Fail: Don Frye's Final Battle vs. 11-Year-Old Boy After He Taunts the Predator

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst IJune 13, 2011

You just never know exactly what to expect when you party with Don "The Predator" Frye. So stay on your toes.

Three bits of advice, never offer him a Bud Light because you're the only one drinking that garbage. Never ever look him in the eye, he reads your soul like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. And three, never ever steal his seat. You will get owned.

A few other words of Predator wisdom include, but are not limited to, "it is not MMA it's NHB, no holds barred." "Don't call it ground and pound, just don't."  And for the sake of all that is holy, I say again, do not look the man in the eye. 

Hurtsbad MMA had staff on site as an unfortunate incident took place after a young boy, too big for his own britches, made the ill advised mistake of challenging Frye for his throne.

Onlookers tried to warn the child but he swore he had the baddest rear naked choke in the business and would slap a choke on Don that would put his over Tank Abbott to shame.

In the words of a famous fuzzy green Jedi master, "Mmm, sadly mistaken you were young Padawan."

The only reason the child was not eaten alive on the spot was because Frye had just consumed a healthy portion of chops that would make you want to smack yo mamma. 

So the runt will live to fight another day but maybe it is in his best interest to start running like Forrest Gump and never stop before Don gets his second wind.