And So With The First Pick Of The NFL Draft The Detroit Lions Select...

Benji ZeledonContributor IOctober 25, 2008

Colt McCoy QB/Texas

A Few dropped jaws here? There? Everyone shocked? Well here is why.

Jon Kitna...just got hurt and is old, those two don't mix.

The UCONN kid does not look like a future of a struggling franchise that can easily go 0-16. What they need is damage control, and easily the next Heisman and a kid who is playing like a man possessed is something that could work. Colt is showing a lot of poise this year and will probably declare after this year. Colt can be a face, a Texas homeboy and all that good stuff that made Brady Quinn so valuable

Pure Americana made QB. Right now if Colt stays healthy, and playing beyond the call of duty of the QB of Texas, and Detroit staying dismal.

It will be Colt #1

Hey the last time Colt and #1 and QB where in the same sentence

it involves Peyton Manning...Maybe the same could work here?