Brett Favre: The Answer or The Problem?

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2008

Six games into the season, with a 3-3 record, along with 13 touchdowns, and eight interceptions, the Brett Favre experiment is almost at the half way point of season one, which may be the only season the Jets have with quite possibly the best quarterback to ever play the game behind center.


He has had his amazing highs, such as six touchdown passes against Arizona in a 56-35 victory, and his tough to swallow lows, such as his mistake-laden game last week, minus a field goal drive that sent the game into overtime against the Oakland Raiders


While providing the team with a man who will probably play the whole season in one piece for the club, which is something that they have lacked for almost half a decade now, many fans are still not sold that getting Favre was the right thing to do. 


Some fans in games have chanted, “We want Chad,” and have also booed the future Hall of Fame quarterback in a typical Jet fan manner. 


Others have taken on the belief that he is a godsend, a player who gives the team hope that they are never out of a single football game no matter what the score is. 


Who’s right, and why? 


As of now, Favre, while playing his age at times, has still been a great quarterback for the Jets so far.  Could Chad Pennington have 13 touchdown passes six games into a season?  Probably not. 


Even scarier to think about, would Kellen Clemens have less than eight interceptions at this point had he won the job in the preseason and Favre never came into town?  Again, probably not. 


More importantly though, would the team be 3-3, a small, yet, meaningful, six games into the season?


First, let’s say that the Jets should honestly be 4-2 at this point.  They played a terrible football game against the Raiders, and they were still under four minutes away from walking out of Oakland with a tie.  Obviously, nobody can think like this though.  These games are already in the bag, rendering them old news. 


Looking deeper into the schedule, with Chad at the helm, the Dolphins game probably would have been lost.  The team would not have taken enough downfield chances (even though many were not taken to begin with), and in the end, Miami probably would have won with their home crowd behind them.  The Patriots, even with Matt Cassel, would have still beaten them as they did, and the Chargers would have beat them even worse then they did during Week Three. 


Under no circumstances would they have scored 56 against the Cardinals, and Chad probably would have made a costly play or two that cost the team a victory against the Bengals


Now, looking at Kellen Clemens a little deeper, it would not have been pretty.  Against the Dolphins, the team may have been alright considering he would have made a play or two.  The Patriots and Chargers would have eaten him alive though, the Cardinals would have come close, and the Bengals may have given him fits with some of the schemes that they run. 


Translated, what does this mean?  Yes, Favre has been streaky, but the team made the right call in going out and getting him.  They paid literally nothing for him up front, and depending on how high they go, the Packers draft pick will move up in quality.  Picks for maybe the best quarterback of all time?  The Jets won in a walk, especially when one sees that the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers aren’t exactly blowing away anyone in the NFL currently. 


To all Jets fans, he beats what the team has had recently.  Let him learn the playbook a little more, and when it is digested, see what happens!