Red Raiders Are Untested "The Best D They Faced Could Not Stop Prep School"

robertContributor IJanuary 23, 2017

Kansas gave up 56 points in 3 quarters to Texas Tech, that is pathetic.  The Big 12 is over rated based on what I saw this game should hurt the Raiders.  The inflated ranks in this conference is a bad joke and the Red Raiders ran 35 plays in the third quarter alone.  Red Raiders are not a top ten team based on the lack of competition faced due to poor scheduling. 


It would be criminal if Utah, Georgia, LSU, Boise, Fla, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, Penn State and USC were not ranked higher. 


Texas Tech is running up a score against Kansas, making up for prior years basketball perhaps.  Passing for a touchdown when you are up 56-14 is mean spirited and if TT thinks they get style points they are mistaken.  WHO HAS TT PLAYED that has any value, until they beat Texas, Ok, or OK St they are just a top 15 team period.


Had the game remained competitive it would have faired better for the Big Twelve and Texas Tech.  However, now that it is a blow out people have enough evidence to suggest the league has more defensive questions.  If Texas Tech played a better non-conference schedule they would be given the benefit of the doubt and a top ten rank would be justified.