Fantasy Baseball: Monday News and Notes

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Fantasy Baseball: Monday News and Notes
Monday Notes

Grady Sizemore has the best numbers you will see against A.J. Burnett. He is 5-for-12 with a home run against him. Otherwise, not much to be exicited about. Shin-Soo Choo is just 2-for-11 while both Orlanda Cabrera and Jack Hannahan check in at .250. Austin Kearns has struggled to a 1-for-9 mark.

Casey McGehee and Mark Kotsay are both at .300 while Rickie Weeks checks in at .290 against Ryan Dempster. Ryan Braun though has had his struggles, as he has hit just .184 in 38 at-bats with two home runs against the Chicago starter. Prince Fielder is at .250 in 36 at-bats while Corey Hart has fallen to .152 in 33. Check this out though - Dempster is 11-1 in his last 14 starts with a 2.72 ERA against Milwaukee.

Aramis Ramirez has had his problems with Randy Wolf, posting just five hits in 27 at-bats. Geovany Soto is solid here. He has a .318 average and three home runs in 22 at-bats. Wolf gave up nine hits in six innings against the Cubs earlier this season and has a 4.38 ERA away from home this season.

Ichiro broke out of his slump somewhat this weekend, but he is just a .255 hitter in 51 at-bats against Dan Haren. The numbers overall for the Mariners against Haren are pedestrian. Jack Cust is 2-for-10, Jack Wilson is 1-for-12, and both Adam Kennedy and Chone Figgins are at .273. Franklin Gutierrez is only 1-for-9. The numbers to use? Brendan Ryan is 5-for-13.

Jason Vargas is 4-1 in his last eight starts. He had two solid starts this past week after giving up 11 runs in 7.2 innings in the two prior starts. None of your regular Angels crack .300 against Vargas. Torii Hunter is only 3-for-17 while Howie Kendrick is only 4-for-21. Like Vargas as a start option today based on the numbers here.

Wandy Rodriguez returns from the DL tonight, so weekly owners should look to get him activated. Rodriguez dominated Atlanta in his last start against them, allowing no runs on five hits over eight innings. Dan Uggla is 3-for-18 against the Houston starter and Brian McCann is 0-for-8. Look to avoid the 2-for-23 of Alex Gonzalez as well. May see David Ross tonight given McCann's numbers. Ross is at .300 in 20 at-bats.

Your regular Astros are good to go against Derek Lowe. Carlos Lee is at .390 in 41 at-bats against Lowe. Pence missed his first game of the season this weekend with a back injury but is riding a 22-game hit streak to go with a 5-for-12 mark against Lowe. Michael Bourn is at .375 in 16 at-bats. All good things coming here.

Angel Pagan and Carlos Beltran are both hitting .400 or better against Paul Maholm. Beltran adds two home runs in his 17 at-bats against him. Jose Reyes is no slouch either, hitting .364 in 22 at-bats. Maholm was roughed up in his only outing against them this season, giving up six runs on eight hits in 5.2 innings against them.

Spot Starts: Vargas, Dempster

Tuesday Notes

Evan Longoria has raked against Tim Wakefield, going 6-for-13 against him. Johnny Damon is at .313 with four home runs in 64 at-bats as well. Ben Zobrist and B.J. Upton have struggled. Zobrist is 1-for-10 while Upton is at .233 in 30 at-bats. Wakefield is 1-3 with a 7.27 ERA in his last five outings at Tropicana Field.

Look to avoid Kevin Youkilis against James Shields. Youkilis is just 3-for-31 and has 10 strikeouts against Shields. Both Jason Varitek and Jacoby Ellsbury are well below .200 against Shields as well. Dustin Pedroia has the best numbers against Shields, posting a .433 mark in 30 at-bats. David Ortiz is at .364 with three home runs in 33 at-bats.

Chris Coghlan and Omar Infante are your best options against Cole Hamels. Coghlan is 7-for-17 while Infante is at .314 in 35 at-bats. Hamels struggles garnering decisions against the Marlins. He is 2-5 in his last 12 starts against the Marlins but does have a 3.50 ERA in those outings against them.

A few solid numbers from the Cubs against Yovani Gallardo. Starlin Castro is 5-for-12 while Aramis Ramirez is 6-for-13. Even Kosuke Fukudome is 5-for-15 here. Look to avoid the 2-for-12 of Tyler Colvin. Gallardo was roughed up in his outing against the Cubs earlier this season but has performed against them, going 3-2 in his last seven.

Michael Brantley is 7-for-13 against Justin Verlander, some of the best numbers you will see in all of baseball against the Detroit starter. Orlando Cabrera is the only other Cleveland starter hitting better than .300 against Verlander. Shin-Soo Choo and Grady Sizemore are both hitting below .240. Look to avoid them if possible.

Alexi Casilla is red hot and has hit Gavin Floyd relatively well, posting a .300 mark in 10 at-bats. Struggles otherwise for your Twins here. Justin Morneau is only at .231 in 26 at-bats but does have two home runs. Michael Cuddyer is at .258 while Delmon Young at .261. Floyd is 4-6 in his last 11 starts with a 4.84 ERA against Minnesota.

Stephen Drew and Xavier Nady are your best options against Matt Cain. Drew is at .344 with three home runs in 32 at-bats while Nady is 5-for-14. Justin Upton checks in just north of .300 as well. Kelly Johnson, Chris Young, and Miguel Montero are all hitting below .200 against the San Francisco starter.

After four straight defeats, Jered Weaver has been solid in his last four starts. In those he has given up just six earned runs in 30.2 innings pitched. Jack Cust at 9-for-29 is your best option and your only Seattle player hitting better than .300 against Weaver. Ichiro has really struggled, hitting only .246 in 57 at-bats against him. Gutierrez and Figgins are no better here.

As good as the Mets have been against Derek Lowe, they have been as poor against Jair Jurrjens. Carlos Beltran is only 2-for-19 while Angel Pagan is 2-for-27. Both Jose Reyes and Jason Bay have only three hits in 20 and 15 at-bats respectively. Willie Harris at 7-for-14 and Dan Murphy at 7-for-21 are your best bets for this one.

Do not get cute and start Chris Volstad against the Phillies. Raul Ibanez, Jimmy Rollins, Carlos Ruiz, Wilson Valdez, and Ryan Howard are all hitting better than .400 against him lifetime. Each has at least 12 at-bats against him to boot. Shane Victorino and Chase Utley have struggled, hitting .205 and .200 respectively against Volstad.

Spot Starts: Villanueva, Collmenter, Karstens

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