F1 and The Off Season: A Good Time To Explain The Sport and Its Politics

AnthonyCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2008

Are you familiar with all of the acronym's associated with F1? Do you wonder what their relationships are all about and who is behind them?

In a series of articles that will begin as soon as the smoke clears in Brazil, I will with the help of  our new community leader, Saraswathi Sirigina, provide these and some other facts that will help anyone keep it straight.

F1 is a complex sport not only on the track but as a  financial product as well. Here are a few of the acronyms and names floating around the F1 world. Which ones don't you know? 

FIA, FISA, FOCA, FOSA, FOPA, FOG, FOA, FOM, oh yes, that many acronym's really start with a capital F!

So in general, I will try and explain all of these and explain how they are connected or seperate in order to give anyone a fighting chance at understanding the complexity's of the sport of F1's money, marketing, and future directon. 

If you know all of these then the following articles won't be a necessary read but if you are perhaps wondering what all of the fuss is about it may be just your cup of tea.

So stay and enjoy the ride to the other side of the F1 race track...

Inviting you all in for a drive through,

Your friendly writer,