Week 9- Colorado Preview

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Week 9- Colorado Preview
Homecoming has beset Columbia. Ceremonies, getting shithoused on Natty Light, and pissing in the Reactor parking lot...ahhh, it's got to be a home game! The Tigers return to CoMo licking their wounds after a woodshed beatdown. Sorry Buffs, you're in for some hate sex.

-Chase Daniel had a decent game against the Horns, but came out on the wrong side. His last homecoming against a crappy Buffs team should equal out to 400+ yards and some Chase Patton 4th quarterage. Lets see if Chase can throw more than five touchdowns on the board...by the 4th quarter.

-Colorado is going to be ok in '10. Not this year, and not with the rotating QBs. Cody Hawkins isn't a great QB, but then you insert a freshman that you planned to redshirt in Tyler Hansen, you've got a clusterf*ck at the position. As a Buffs co-worker told me "It's like passing on the gas station hot dog that you dropped on the floor, for one that got tossed in the sink of the shitter". I guess I concur.

-The Buffs barely beat K-State AT HOME last week! 14-13 is all they could muster against one of the worst B12 teams. I realize we've lost two straight, but jebus, we aren't K-State bad.

-The Buffs defense is ok. Passing D, they are tops in the conference. Rushing D is a different story. They get run through like the Kool-Aid man through a wall. Derrick Washington should be salivating like Pavlov's dog.

-Even though the CU passing D is good, they still don't have the weapons to stop Maclin, Coffman, hell, Brandon Gerau.

It should be ugly. HCGP shouldn't bring KY to this one...48-6 Tigers roll. Chase Daniel should have at least a four spot of TDs, and Derrick Washington should get a shit ton of carries, which the lack of was the achillies the past couple of weeks.

It's an FSN game, but if you're stuck doing Charlie work, click HERE to watch, HERE to listen, and of course, Rock M Nation will provide your forum of bold predictions and Bud Light body count. Victory Whiskey all around kids.

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