Milwaukee Bucks: The 10 Best Deals the Bucks Can Get for Brandon Jennings

Daniel Hudson@daniel3417Correspondent IIIJune 13, 2011

Milwaukee Bucks: The 10 Best Deals the Bucks Can Get for Brandon Jennings

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    The Milwaukee Bucks may not be actively shopping point guard Brandon Jennings. But at the same time, they've put the word out that he's not completely untouchable. The key for the Bucks is to get the best possible deal for this budding star.

    Jennings made news by opting for Europe instead of college after high school. It appears as though he set a precedent that a few brave high schoolers can follow.

    Jennings was able to play as a paid professional with other professionals sooner, focus all of his attention to his craft, and learn about how to be on his own.

    The unusual decision has worked out great for him. In two NBA seasons, Jennings has averaged 15.8 points, 5.3 assists, and 1.4 steals per game. The fact that he's only 21 years old is icing on the cake.

    Clearly, a team that feels that it's just one solid ball-handler away is considering the acquisition of Jennings.

    Here are the 10 best deals that Milwaukee could get for Brandon Jennings.

No. 10: Detroit Pistons

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    Milwaukee Bucks receive Ben Gordon, Austin Daye, and No. 33 pick

    Detroit Pistons receive Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, and Drew Gooden


    This is a lukewarm deal at best for the Bucks. It's more of an investment, really.

    When he had his chance to start, Ben Gordon showed that he was capable of scoring the way NBA shooting guards need to score. Consistent production was his issue.

    Austin Daye had a nice year, especially considering he only played 20 minutes per game. Another year of experience and more playing time would be good for Daye's improvement.

    The Pistons are well beyond their championship years and would revel in the opportunity to add a youngster like Jennings.

No. 9: Los Angeles Lakers

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    Milwaukee Bucks receive Shannon Brown, Ron Artest, No. 41 pick, future draft pick 

    Los Angeles Lakers receive Brandon Jennings and John Salmons


    The value in this trade for the Bucks lies in the defensive ability of Artest and the 41st pick. Draft picks are always valuable, and the 2011 NBA Draft seems to be a fairly solid class.

    Shannon Brown has shown flashes of what he can be in the league—an electric scorer. Playing the shadow of Kobe Bryant has been good for him, and he is ready to move on and make his own mark.

    Milwaukee would need to find add to its point guard depth after this deal.

No. 8: Toronto Raptors

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    Milwaukee Bucks receive Jose Calderon, Amir Johnson, and No. 5 pick

    Toronto Raptors receive Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute


    The Bucks and the Raptors swap point guards and power forwards. The Bucks toss in shooting guard Salmons and the Raptors make up the large difference in the trade with the fifth overall pick.

    Toronto needs another solid guard to help open things up for star center Andrea Bargnani. DeMar Derozan showed an ability to score but isn't a great three-point shooter. Salmons could help there.

    Milwaukee loses a bit on the point guard, though Calderon might actually be a better passer, but can use the fifth pick to take a number of potential superstars such as Brandon Knight, Kawhi Leonard, or Kemba Walker.

No. 7: Portland Trail Blazers

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    Milwaukee Bucks receive Elliot Williams, Gerald Wallace, and No. 40 pick 

    Portland Trail Blazers receive Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, and Ersan Ilyasova


    The main thing that needs to be stated in this deal is that Nicolas Batum looked great at times this past season, which makes Gerald Wallace expendable.

    Wallace was very good for Portland. But the chance to acquire a young back court in Jennings and Salmons is too much to pass up. At age 35, Andre Miller is unlikely to repeat the kind of year he had.

    The Bucks would love to be able to put the All-Star Wallace into their daily lineup. The inclusion of the 40th overall pick would enable the Bucks to search for their next point guard.

No. 6: San Antonio Spurs

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    Milwaukee Bucks receive Tony Parker, Richardson Jefferson, No. 29 pick, No. 59 pick, future first-rounder, future second-rounder 

    San Antonio Spurs receive Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, Ersan Ilyasova, and No. 10 pick


    The Spurs need to get younger. They looked great for about 90 percent of the regular season, and then their age caught up to them. Their performance in the first round against the enthusiastic Memphis Grizzlies was the writing on the wall.

    Tim Duncan simply can't be traded. Manu Ginobili has taken over the team. That leaves Tony Parker to be dealt.

    Parker would provide veteran leadership and ability to the young Bucks. The numerous draft picks the Bucks receive could be a blessing for years to come if they plan them out well.

No. 5: Los Angeles Clippers

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    Milwaukee Bucks receive Mo Williams, future first-round draft pick, and No. 37 pick 

    Los Angeles Clippers receive Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, and Keyon Dooling


    The much maligned Mo Williams freed himself of the Cleveland Cavaliers and now has some real talent around him with the upstart Clippers.

    He isn't as good as Jennings, though, and Salmons as a back up to Eric Gordon sounds great.

    The Bucks would be able to plug Williams straight into the starting lineup and get solid results with him. The inclusion of draft picks help them look toward the future and build around Andrew Bogut.

No. 4: Charlotte Bobcats

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    Milwaukee Bucks receive D.J. Augustin and No. 19 pick 

    Charlotte Bobcats receive Brandon Jennings and John Salmons


    After trading Gerald Wallace to the Portland Trail Blazers during the 2010-2011 season, the Bobcats signaled their intentions to get younger and reboot.

    A back court tandem that is both young and accustomed to one another would entice owner Michael Jordan to move his back-and-forth point guard.

    The Bucks wouldn't lose too much at point guard while also adding another first round pick to build their team on.

No. 3: New York Knicks

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    Milwaukee Bucks receive Toney Douglas, Landry Fields, and No. 17 pick 

    New York Knicks receive Brandon Jennings, Ersan Ilyasova, and No. 40 pick


    In this deal, Milwaukee gets the fresh face at point guard they want, a solid shooting guard, and an additional first-round pick.

    New York gets the bona fide point guard they need to move that potentially potent offense and adds depth to its power forward position. Amare Stoudemire is currently backed up by Jared Jeffries.

    Toney Douglas has showed that he is capable of running an offense and with the scoring ability of John Salmons, he doesn't need to put up 18 to 20 points per night from the guard spot.

No 2: Utah Jazz

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    Milwaukee Bucks receive Devin Harris, Raja Bell, and No. 12 pick 

    Utah Jazz receive Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, and No. 40 pick


    Milwaukee already has the No. 10 overall pick, so this deal would help them build for the future immediately with an additional lottery pick.

    Devin Harris is more than a capable scorer but had a lackluster start to his Utah career. This has made him potentially available.

    The swap of shooting guards, Raja Bell for John Salmons, is certainly enough to account for the swap in draft picks.

No. 1: New Orleans Hornets

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    Milwaukee Bucks receives Chris Paul

    New Orleans Hornets receive Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, Corey Maggette, and a future draft pick


    This is the best possible deal that the Bucks could execute. Chris Paul is undeniably a top-three point guard in the NBA and has made it known that he wouldn't mind a trade.

    Of course, Paul wants to go to a competitor like the New York Knicks, but if the front office in Milwaukee could sell Andrew Bogut and Carlos Delfino to the Wake Forrest product, he could reconsider.

    This deal would undoubtedly make the Bucks a contender for one of the last couple seeds in the East and allow the Hornets to begin anew with a solid point guard.