WWE: Randy Orton or Ravishing Rick Rude, Who Will Have the Better Career?

Stephen UrbaniakCorrespondent IJune 13, 2011

WWE: Randy Orton or Ravishing Rick Rude, Who Will Have the Better Career?

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    WWE has seen its share of outspoken personalities over the years.  From Sgt. Slaughter to the Rock, there has been a borderline crazy fanbase and following for these Superstars.

    Ladies and Gentlemen: In this corner we have the self-proclaimed "Legend Killer" Randy Orton, and in the other corner, we have "Ravishing" Rick Rude!

    These two men were Superstars in different eras of the business.  Rick Rude was in the then-WWF and WCW in the late 1980s until 1999.  Randy Orton broke into the business in 2002.

    Rick Rude died on April 20, 1999 due to heart failure in which some concluded that it was due to his use of anabolic steroids in the mid-1990's.

    These two men will square off by comparing each of their careers and deciding who has the edge:

1. Career Championships

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    When success is measured in WWE, it is measured by how many championships you win.  There have been a few highly successful champions in WWE history, such as Triple H or John Cena both tied with eight championships.

    When we look at Randy Orton's career, he has been an nine-time champion which includes two World Heavyweight Championship reigns, six WWE Championship reigns and one reign as the WWE Intercontinental Champion.  Orton is the only superstar in history to become the WWE Champion twice in the same night.

    Rick Rude's championship resume includes: three reigns as WCW International World Heavyweight Champion, one reign as the WCWA World Heavyweight Champion, one reign as the WWE Intercontinental Champion and a reign as the WCW U.S. Champion.  He set the record for the second-longest reign in the title's history at 14 months.

    The Edge: Randy Orton gets the obvious edge here.  Orton has been a successful champion in WWE.  From his battles with John Cena, to his recent feuds with CM Punk and others, he has proven to be a winner on a consistent basis. 

    Rick Rude's championships came from a now-defunct WCW, which has since been bought out by WWE.

2. Quality of Competition

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    The WWE has always had a high level of competition in all of their events.  Some of the most successful and dominant superstars include: Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, and Randy Orton.

    Randy Orton has shown the willingness to compete against anyone, at any time.  Some of his biggest wins have come against top-flight competition such as Triple H, Undertaker, Chris Benoit (May He Rest in Peace) and John Cena.

    Randy Orton's RKO is a devastating finishing move that will incapacitate anyone who is unfortunate to be on the receiving end of it.

    Rick Rude competed in the late-1980s to late-1990s then-WWF and WCW. He debuted in WWE as one of the original members of D-Generation X, and he had long feuds with Paul Orndorff and Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

    The Edge:  It's a draw here.  Orton has competed against and defeated some of the best the business has to offer in this modern era, and Rude had competed against stars such as Orndorff, Roberts and "Macho Man" Randy Savage. 

    Both men have competed against stars of their era and have won championships in some of those contests, and for that they are equal in this measurement.

3. Stable Success

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    Stables are groups of wrestlers that have banded together.  D-Generation X, Evolution and The Legacy are the names of just a few.

    Rick Rude was an original member of DX that also consisted of Chyna, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws. 

    Rude was Michaels' insurance policy during his time in the group and he was involved in some great feuds against the Nation of Domination, The Corporation and stars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

    Randy Orton was a member of Evolution, a group that consisted of Orton, Triple H, Batista and Ric Flair.  At one time, every member of the group held a championship.  Eventually, the group would break up and Orton would confront them all at different points in time.

    Most recently, Orton was a member of The Legacy with Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes to highlight that they were all third-generation wrestlers and the group helped Orton win the WWE Championship and was involved in feuds with the McMahon family and Triple H, and eventually led to Orton splitting from the group and resuming single competition.

    The Edge:  Again, I declare a draw.  DX was the most popular stable in the 1990s and even when they were reformed as a tag-team in 2006-2010.  Rick Rude was an enforcer for the group, so he was a part of one of the most successful group of the 1990s. 

    Randy Orton walked into success with Evolution and The Legacy, and both men have had their share of success in group competition.

4. Who's the Winner?

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    In this contest, I declare Randy Orton the winner and that he will have a better career than Rick Rude had. Randy Orton has been successful since he broke into the WWE in 2005, and he is a proven winner.

    Randy Orton may not always be a fan favorite, but he takes care of business and is all business inside the ring. 

    His championship reigns may not always be pretty, but his No. 1 goal is to win championships at any cost. 

    Rick Rude really didn't distinguish himself in single competition like Orton has.  Orton will compete against anyone that stands in his way.

    The Legend Killer just may be on his way to making a legend of his own.