UFC 131 Results: Is Dave Herman Too Small to Compete in the UFC HW Division?

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent IJune 12, 2011

The short answer is "no", but the long answer is "probably".

The reason why the short answer is "no" is because we are not talking about championship-level fights. 

At a muscular 6'5'' and 233 pounds, Herman has enough size to be successful against the majority of professional heavyweights.... but, he will hit a ceiling at some point.

Just as Fedor Emelianenko found out, larger and more skilled athletes are entering the sport every year.

By the time Herman is able to generate significant momentum in the UFC, there will be somebody bigger than him and ready to derail him.

The reason why my long answer is not a definitive "yes", and just a "probably" is that at 26 years old, we do not know how much more Herman might physically grow.

As he is already muscular, there might not be much more functional weight that Herman could realistically put on, but that is also something that is mostly conjecture.

Dave Herman is certainly one to follow over time as a relevant piece to the UFC heavyweight title picture, but at just 233 pounds, do not expect him to threaten the truly elite fighters of the division any time soon.