Ron Killings' Moment of Truth: Eight Years in the Making

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Ron Killings' Moment of Truth: Eight Years in the Making

On June 19, Ron "R-Truth" Killings will wrestle his first WWE singles match for the WWE Championship at Capitol Punishment.  For a guy who seemed destined for mid-card hell his rise to the top might seem surprising, at the very least.

It was only this past February that R-Truth stood in front of a live audience on an episode of Raw from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and belted to the top of his lungs "GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN!!!! WHAT'S UP!!!"

It was at that very moment that Killings career in the WWE seemed sealed.  Michael Cole proceeded to bury him on commentary, not to mention he was promptly jobbed out of the Elimination Chamber match a couple weeks later within a matter of minutes and his WrestleMania duties were limited to the pre-show jobber battle royal.

Truth's little faux pas in Green B--- err, Milwaukee seemed to be stifling his already lackluster WWE career.

What we did not know at the time, however, was that Truth's moment was on the horizon.  A week after Mania, Truth found himself in a gauntlet match to determine The Miz's next opponent for the WWE Championship.

To everyone's surprise, Truth pinned Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison consecutively.  He wrestled his last opponent in the gauntlet, John Cena, to a double disqualification due to outside interference from Miz an Alex Riley.  

As a result, a triple threat match between Cena, Miz and Truth was scheduled.  The next week, John Morrison weaseled Truth into wrestling him in a match for Truth's spot in the three way match and won. We all know what happened next.

Truth snapped! He beat down John Morrison after their match and then puffed on a celebratory cig as if he just gave Halle Berry the thrill of her life.  Who was this new R-Truth? What made him tick? 

Over the course of the month Truth would take out Morrison again and Rey Mysterio and explain how he was tired of being overlooked and that smiling and rapping to the fans got him nowhere.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, We have John Cena vs. R-Truth as the main event for Capitol Punishment.  While on the surface, this feud seems like it's only weeks in the making, Killings and Cena have had a rivalry outside of the WWE that had been brewing years before their paths ever crossed in the WWE.

To understand the significance of the Cena/Truth rivalry, one has to know the series of events and set of circumstances that led to Ron Killings' current WWE stint.  Ladies and gentlemen, let the slideshow begin! 

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