WWE: Is Daniel Bryan Destined to Fail in the New Age of Sports Entertainment?

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIJune 12, 2011

When Daniel Bryan was fired from the WWE, and with that his split from the Nexus, I began to wonder whether he was destined for great things. Wrestling had all of a sudden become edgy thanks in part to the Nexus angle where they came to the ring and left utter destruction.

It was the nWo part two albeit without the strutting.

Then it happened. Someone called the Nexus to be dismantled and within a year it has become a play thing of the greatly unappreciated CM Punk. The Corre which has formed and split within a few months, is testament to the fact that this angle was not properly conceived.  

Daniel Bryan of course was not part of this splintering and instead went into single's action with an element of success. Winning the US Title is usually an indication, as is the Intercontinental belt, of future success and yet I wonder.

In days gone by, winning the medium prizes was, though not exclusively the role of heir apparent. The winners of this once prestigious belt reads as a who's who of wrestling. But has that belt, division and genre of wrestling become obsolete in today's society?

Daniel Bryan is an excellent wrestler. There are few quite like him in the cartoon world of sports entertainment today. Having ability is no longer seemingly enough. The talents he possesses should have earmarked him as being the heir apparent of Bret Hart and Kurt Angle and yet this will potentially never happen.


Simply because wrestling no longer matters in the Northern Empire. The Rise and Rise of John Cena is a clear indication that to be a superstar, you do not need a full repertoire of wrestling holds. Just as with the Rock and Hogan before that, wrestling is governed by a gimmick.

One that seldom ever uses wrestling in itself.

Hart and Angle are the modern day exceptions perhaps but I cannot help but think that Bryan whose ability in the ring remains his unique selling point, will get lost in the mid-card because he has not got the same levels of investment in terms of character development.

I have argued in previous articles and debates, that Bryan needed to become the silent assassin. Someone who came to the ring and was meticulous in his actions. Think a cross between Bret Hart and Steve Austin. Wrestling ability with a bad-ass attitude.

And yet in their desperate attempt to find him a role, he became the poster boy of PG's failings, as the arm candy of the Bella Twins. Having ditched twin magic and seemingly Gail Kim too, Bryan now finds himself in the mid-card wrestling for no reason.

There is no feuds, no storylines, no point.

We can no longer call WWE superstars, wrestlers. We can not even say World WRESTLING Entertainment and because of that, has the last remnants of wrestling actually been removed?

Will wrestling become some seedy Hollywood B-movie production where wrestlers need no in-ring ability whatsoever to become a superstar?

Wrestling may have slowly disappeared over the years, but has the WWE turned its back once and for all on the wrestlers who have perfected their craft and actually want to showcase what people enjoy watching. We may like storylines and angles, but we also want more than a people's elbow or a fury of kicks and punches, we also want traditional wrestling.

Bryan may be the last of a generation. One classically trained and who can execute complex moves inside the ring.

Bryan at present though lacks an element of charisma due to his character development, and will this forever be his downfall. The opportunity to create something different may fall by the wayside as wrestling continues to prefer fast-food wrestlers who talk well but seldom ever do anything in the ring.

Daniel Bryan could be a World Champion. He could be a wrestling sensation. But I fear it is not to be.

After all what place does a wrestler have in the WWE anymore?