Trail Blazers' Elliot Williams Is the Reason Brandon Roy Should Be Moved

Tyler WardAnalyst IJune 12, 2011

There has been a lot of speculation lately that the Blazers' Brandon Roy could very well be shown the door before the start of the 2011-12 regular season.

Thus far, it is not known whether the Blazers will hold on to their once-coveted former All-Star, but one thing they do know is that there is a surplus at the shooting guard and small forward positions, as stated in one of my previous articles.

Portland just has way too many players at those positions and if they want to get over the top in the Western Conference, they need a powerful frontcourt.

There are a lot of good and serviceable names that will be hitting the free agent market, including DeAndre Jordan, Kwame Brown, Tyson Chandler, Spencer Hawes, Samuel Dalembert and the under-sized Chuck Hayes. There are also a few intriguing prospects in the draft that should fall around the Blazers' selection.

Whether Roy's possible exit come as a release or by trade, there is a good reason that prospect Elliot Williams be held responsible.

Who's Elliot Williams?

He was the Blazers' 2010 first-round draft selection out of the University of Memphis.

During Williams' lone season at Memphis, the guard averaged 17.9 points, 4 rebounds, and 3.8 assists in a shade over 33 minutes per game. Throughout the season, he was arguably the Tigers' best overall player.

However, Williams did not play at all during his rookie season, but his potential is through the roof.

While he shoots left-handed, Williams has great athleticism and a tremendous shot, albeit shooting just 46 percent during his season at Memphis.

Standing at a stout 6'4", he has the ability to play either point guard or shooting guard positions. His natural position is the latter and he would have the height advantage over a few players in the NBA.

He has a good release to where he would be able to shoot over other guards, whether it be a jumper or a fadeaway.

Williams has a quick first step and is at his best when he is in the open court, as he can use his great speed to dice through defenses. He finishes extremely well at the basket, and it has been said that he mocks Derrick Rose in that manner, who also attended Memphis.

Even though Williams is left-handed, it still comes at a surprise that he can make some very contested shots. He has a great floater in the lane, as it is one of his favorite shots.

He has great leaping ability that could separate him from most defenders. His ability to jump so high makes it much harder for his shot to be blocked.

The combo guard also be considered to be a top-notch defender.

Williams also seems to have unlimited quickness and great instincts to where he would be able to guard an excellent shooting guard or one of the fastest point guards. He also has a high basketball IQ, as he was able to learn from the best while attending Duke.

If given the opportunity to play often, Williams could also be one of the smartest players in the league. Some scouts praised Williams for his ability to read plays and other players prior to the 2010 NBA Draft.

Williams is a better-than-average defender, as he can defend in the paint or on the perimeter.

He is able to lower his stance while defending his opponent and use his great wingspan to disrupt other players. Williams could also use his lateral quickness to get rid of passing lanes, in hopes of creating turnovers.

Williams is a great all-around player who could do the dirty work while grabbing rebounds or getting his teammates involved in the game with his passing ability. Not to mention, he can also score when given the opportunity.

He is a great team player with good character. Williams likes his teammates to have success, as he is one hell of a teammate. He is also always looking to improve his game in any facet possible.

Overall, Williams still has a lot to work on, but he is still young. He has plenty of time to develop and become the player that most people expected him to be.

As stated above, his potential is through the roof and if he performs well in the preseason, the Blazers should definitely take a look at him and add him to the rotation.

If he performs well, and I think he will, it may be time for the Blazers to get rid of Brandon Roy.