Sandy Alderson and the Padres Need To Dust Off Their Originality

Tosten HeathSenior Analyst IOctober 24, 2008

Sandy Alderson probably doesn't own a Bible. He has Moneyball.

He has no need for God. The Padres' CEO is polytheistic. Billy Beane and Andrew Friedman shrines rest near a copy of The Bill James Handbook.

Take a look around though, and you'll realize that other than that, there really is nothing else to see. No traces of original thought to speak of. Not one fingerprint from creativity left in the whole place.

Reports whisper that one time, back in 1989, Alderson contributed an opinion to an Athletics meeting. It was followed by a gasps, snaps for Sandy, and frantic journalists recording down history.

You see, Mr. Alderson is a copycat.

It's a great attribute to have in a front office guy, is it not? Applying the tried and true methods of other successful front-office guys to one's own franchise? Kevin Towers and Alderson's other henchmen are obviously on the bandwagon.

Trading your best players, keeping budgets low, constantly investing in young players; that's what success is made of right? It's worked for the A's and the Rays...

Here is the problem. It's not working for the Pads. The Moores have become poor. Fan interest has lessened.

No amount of Paul DePodesta blogging will fix the current fan relations.

Support comes with success. And as businessman William Pollard once said, "The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow."

Winning comes from innovation. Billy Beane proved that. But using someone else's new ideas of yesterday is not a new idea.

Evolve. Invent. Create.

The San Diego front office won't accomplish this by reading five-year-old copies of Michael Lewis's The Art of Winning An Unfair Game (Now a feature length film!).

The swirling rumors of a probable Jake Peavy trade are what make this piece timely, but they aren't necessarily what make it correct. In no way is that for sure a terrible idea. Immediate condemnation won't come from me on that matter.

I'm all for snagging three young studs in exchange for one. The Padres certainly haven't been getting those players from the draft.

In all honesty, Tommy Hanson sounds like a cornerstone ace in the making. Yunel Escobar would come into the Padres' system as the best infield prospect they've seen in years. Jordan Schaefer has huge potential and would definitely fill the center-field gash in San Diego. Jair Jurrjens and Jason Heyward both would be exciting minor leaguers to develop.

If Towers negotiates well, a Peavy deal could work out amazingly well in the Padres' favor, a team that isn't winning anytime soon, so they might as well load up on future studs.

But is it pure coincidence that these trade talks arise just a year following the Johan Santana sweepstakes?

Some freshness would be nice—and not in the form of a shiny new Michael Lewis hardback.

Someone get Sandy Alderson a New Testament.