Panthers Need To Tap the Power Play To Kindle Playoff Hopes

Deric MarkhamCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2008

Despite an impressive effort to fend off and defeat the San Jose Sharks, the Cats once again put a glaring weakness in full view: The power play.

Florida ended up squandering all three of their power play opportunities. To make matters worse, the Panthers penalty killing nearly cost them the game. San Jose blasted home three goals in five separate power play chances. The first of these goals landed within the first minute of the contest.

Even so, the news isn't all grim for the Cats. Tomas Vokoun put on an impressive display in keeping San Jose out of the net. Also, they kept the overall pressure on the Sharks with a mounting number of shots on goals, with four of them finding their mark.

Despite these bright spots, the Panthers have revealed a potential season killer. For the present, however, they have shown a great deal of fortitude by standing up to one of the league's best teams and coming away with the win.