Yes, Ohio State Could Still Play In The 2008 BCS Championship Game

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IOctober 24, 2008

As much as you may want not want to accept it, this is not a test.

I suppose for some college football fans, it's scarier than a Freddy Krueger nightmare.

The possibility is real however, that the Buckeyes could still play for the 2008 BCS title in Miami.

It doesn't matter that non-OSU fans and the so-called experts keep saying there's no way the voters will put Ohio State in a third title game after the results of the last two.

Here's the short and sweet of just how easy it could happen:

Ohio State has to beat Penn State.

They then must win at Northwestern, at Illinois and at home vs. Michigan.

Finally, if the Bucks can get just a little help from a few other teams, the "Buckeyes BCS Scenario" could easily become a reality.

  • I'm 99.9 percent sure that Alabama loses at least one game and maybe even two.
  • I believe Georgia will lose at least one more game, most likely vs. LSU or maybe Florida.
  • Florida plays three of its' remaining games on the road and two of those opponents are Georgia and Florida State. Georgia definitely has a legit change to beat them and you never know about FSU.
  • I have Texas Tech and Oklahoma State both losing this week to Kansas and Texas respectively and if not now, both will lose at least once or twice by seasons' end.
  • Texas is in the midst of probably the toughest stretch of games of any of the top 10 teams, and while they could escape unscathed, it seems very improbable.
  • Oklahoma still has games vs. Texas Tech and Oklahoma State which they could lose. If they don't lose, but still not make the Big 12 championship game because of their loss to Texas, would the BCS take them to the title game without them winning their conference? It's never happened and many feel Georgia was left out in 2007 for that exact reason. 
  • That leaves USC. They have the easiest road to the title game but even though they beat Ohio State, it was without Pryor and Wells and an 11-1 record with the Buckeyes schedule is more impressive than an 11-1 record playing USC's. Either way, another "hiccup" is always possible with the Trojans so stay tuned.

All in all, it's obviously a bit of a long shot for the Buckeyes to make their third straight BCS championship game appearance but just remember, nobody saw them making it there in 2007 either.

I, personally as a Buckeye fan, would be happy with a Big Ten title and a trip to Pasadena but I'd be lying if I said the trip to Miami isn't still alive in the back of my mind.

Hey, anything can happen in college football!