Do the Phoenix Suns Have a Deep Bench?

Mark BrownCorrespondent INovember 6, 2016

The other day, John Lorge wrote an article regarding the deepest benches in the league. He ranked the Suns as having the 2nd deepest bench in the NBA. Personally, I think this team may have THE best bench, period.

Look at the players: Goran Dragic, Leandro Barbosa, Grant Hill, Boris Diaw, Robin Lopez, Alando Tucker, Sean Singletarry, Louis Amundson...there is depth at ever position.

Lets start at point guard. Goran Dragic and Sean Singletarry will back up Steve Nash this season. This may be the weakest link in the 5 positions because Singletarry and especially Dragic need to prove themselves. Both are rookies, and were fairly unheard of before being drafted. Grant Hill and Boris Diaw may occasionaly serve as point forwards, just to give the playmakers a rest every so often.

Shooting guard is solid. Raja Bell is a great shooter and perimeter defender. His back up, Leandro Barbosa, is also a fantastic player. He is phenonamal in the open court, and is a good finisher and shooter. He is small (6-3) and isn't a very good defender, but he may improve over time with Bell's guidance. All in all, a nice backcourt.

Small forward is next. Matt Barnes is a lot like Raja Bell; a guy who'll get his hands dirty, play defense, and knock down open shots. He's young, and can play 30+ minutes. Grant Hill will get minutes too. He is a good playmaker and a good leader for the young guys, but he is getting old and has health concerns. Luckily for Phoenix, he doesn't have to play much, because Alando Tucker is also avaliable. He is a great player, and will be a part of the Suns for years to come. He may not get much playing time this season, but keep him in mind.

Power forward has the biggest potential. If Amare Stoudemire, the offensive beast, get grab at least 10 rebounds, continue to block shots, foul less and play better defense, he will be the best player in the league. Boris Diaw continues to break my heart, but this may be the season he unlocks his potential. He can do it all, and now that there is frontcourt depth, he will have to play well to play at all.

And of course, there's center. We all know Shaquille O'Neal is declining, but he will still post a double double, or at least close to it. His presence will be key for Phoenix. He will be a leader, and is a nice player to have in the locker room. O'Neal will allow rookie center Robin Lopez to gradually assimilate into the NBA. Lopez is a tremendous shot blocker, rebounder and defender. He's a great energy guy and is a good teammate. He has potential offensively, and will be great playing with Stoudemire.

I do have to say Phoenix is the deepest team in the league. I know not many will agree with me, so I welcome your opinions.