Jenn Sterger Video: Sterger Goes Head-to-Head with Craig Carton and Loses

The NationalContributor IJune 11, 2011

Jenn Sterger on WFAN discusses Brett Favre Saga
Jenn Sterger on WFAN discusses Brett Favre Saga

Jenn Sterger went toe-to-toe with Boomer and Carton on their radio show, which simulcasts on the MSG Network.

It was a back-and-forth conversation with many twists and turns. Sterger really must feel that her reasons for not coming out and setting the record straight are concrete and solid! Her new public relations firm has her crisis crossing the country in an attempt to rebuild her career in the aftermath of the Brett Favre sexting fiasco.

She has been trained to stick to simple answers and just play the role of young naive southern girl, which, in the northeast, is a hard sell.

In one interview, she claims to not remember all the texts on Good Morning America, then she claims she doesn't remember any of the texts and wasn't privy to any of them. One thing's for sure: That's his voice on the voicemail, and for some reason, today, we're not sure who sent the pictures?

At least one man in the media wasn't afraid to ask the questions, and it wasn't Oprah (R.I.P.). Carton kept asking! Jenn kept on deflecting questions, but she still hasn't done her homework or has no short-term memory!

Watch the video! Enjoy the weekend!

See the video here.