WVU Football: It's Official, Bill Stewart Is out at West Virginia

Bob AllenCorrespondent IIJune 10, 2011

Its official Bill Stewart has resigned as head coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers. After three full seasons and four bowl games Bill Stewart has resigned.

I am sure that more details will follow as they become public but the basics are he is moving on and West Virginia University is moving on.

I feel that this is the best thing for the football team at this point, WVU could not allow this to carry on for any prolonged period of time. If this drama was to carry over into the 2011 football season God knows what could have happened, there could have been arguments on the side line.

Stewart could have tried to flex his "muscles" on the side lies and tell Holgorsen what to do on offense. Or there could have been the classic silent treatment where they would not have communicated at all.

Both of those possibilities could have and probably would have cost WVU some production and possibly football games.

West Virginia needs a clear cut no doubt leader, not two people upset with each other because their feelings are hurt. Think of it as a military operation, it needs to be professional and all business on game day and leading up to game day.

Bill Stewart lead WVU to three straight 9-4 seasons and a Fiesta Bowl win giving him a record of 28-12, including 2-2 in bowl games. That is the fifth-highest winning percentage all time of West Virginia head coaches with a .700 winning percentage.